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What to Feed Your Backyard Chickens

What to Feed Your Backyard Chickens

A lot of customers first starting out with chickens ask us – How do I make sure my backyard chickens stay healthy and happy? Thankfully, my many years of owning pet chickens has provided me with the right knowledge to help our customers. I know that the best way to keep your girls healthy is through their […]

10 Factors to Consider to Harvest More Eggs

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A hen not laying an egg is a problem you will soon encounter anytime while raising them. One of the greatest joys of raising and taking care of chickens in our backyard is collecting the eggs from the chicken coops or nest boxes. What if you are expecting some eggs, but it turns out there […]

What Happens a Year After Raising Chickens?

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As the old adage goes, “Change is the only constant thing in life.” While that is undoubtedly true for us humans, the same goes with chickens, too. During the first stage of raising chickens, things may seem rough, as constant monitoring and intensive care will be required. Nevertheless, you know that in about 5 weeks […]

7 Essentials to Raising Healthy Chickens

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Whether you decide to get day-old chicks from the store or hatch your own in the yard, it is important that you know how to grow them into mature and healthy chickens. After all, it’ll be you who will first hand reap the perks. When starting, you can’t just go and buy a chicken coop […]

10 FAQs about Raising Backyard Chickens

10 FAQs about Raising Backyard Chickens

I love talking about everything related to raising backyard chickens. I mean, obviously, these feathered animals not only produce fresh and organic eggs, but they also bring life to a dull and boring yard. Obviously, it’s not just the interesting stories that entice urban adventures into backyard chicken farming. It’s also the health benefits that […]

Enjoy Raising Backyard Chickens with Kids

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For many, keeping backyard chickens while raising kids is a completely daunting experience. They think it’s difficult to handle both activities given the limited time we have every day. But for me, I think it’s the most rewarding and enjoyable thing a parent can do. When chickens and kids go together, lots of things are […]