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7 Things Needed Prior to Raising Chickens

raising chickens, chicken coop

To raise chickens at home is probably one of the best decision you have ever made. Not only is it enjoying; it is also rewarding and profitable. And now that you have finally set your foot onto the path of poultry farming, you might be asking what things you need to secure before you welcome […]

What Happens a Year After Raising Chickens?

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As the old adage goes, “Change is the only constant thing in life.” While that is undoubtedly true for us humans, the same goes with chickens, too. During the first stage of raising chickens, things may seem rough, as constant monitoring and intensive care will be required. Nevertheless, you know that in about 5 weeks […]

5 Mistakes Committed by Chicken Owners

In general, raising chickens may look easy. Even if you don’t have enough experience taking good care of these animals, I am sure it’ll be easy for you to learn basic chicken care. However, that does not exempt you from committing mistakes. Just like me and other poultry farmers, we’ve done a lot of mistakes. […]

Enjoy Raising Backyard Chickens with Kids

Enjoy Raising Backyard Chickens with Kids-min

For many, keeping backyard chickens while raising kids is a completely daunting experience. They think it’s difficult to handle both activities given the limited time we have every day. But for me, I think it’s the most rewarding and enjoyable thing a parent can do. When chickens and kids go together, lots of things are […]

Poultry Farming: A Guide to Raising Chickens

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Chickens are being raised by people for a number of reasons. While some like them as pets, others decide to raise them as they generate revenue. But regardless of the reason, there are always perks and drawbacks. Despite the unexpected goods and bads, people still invest in poultry and raise them for both meat and […]