What You Should Know About Ferret Cages


Although ferrets need about three to four hours to play outside their cages, they normally spend the rest of the day inside their enclosures. For that reason, comfortable and well-designed ferret cages are considered a basic necessity.

These days, these ferret coops come in a variety of shapes, designs, and features. While some have solid floors, others have built-in shelves. There are even those that come in multi-levels. But, this doesn’t mean that the most elegant and sophisticated cage makes an excellent choice.

If you plan to get a common or a distinctive breed of ferret, it is important that you don’t just think about your ferret. You also have to take note other essential factors to ensure their comfort and happiness in the whole duration of their stay. As an owner, you definitely want to make sure you get the perfect one for your pet. So, before acquiring one, here are some things you must think about beforehand:

What to Look for in a Cage

Because there is a multitude of ferret cage designs available online, you have to be extra careful when choosing. Typically, the prices vary depending on the materials used and the complexity of the design. But still, you can buy one for as low as $100.

An ideal cage is something that is big enough to contain food and water bowls, bedding, a litter pan, and more room for playing. It should also be at least 3′ x 2′ x 2′ in size.

Cages made for ferrets are often made of coated metal bars. These are set at a distance not wider than one inch. This way, a ferret cannot squeeze itself through the bars or get its head stuck. Aside from that, it also has a PVC floor and a door with a reliable locking mechanism.

Others also have added features like ramps and ladders. For these features, metal mesh isn’t really commended. The reason for it is that they are uncomfortable to walk on and it might only cause your pet’s feet to swell or become stuck in between.

If you have an enclosure with a metal mesh, it has to be covered with linoleum tiles or cloth. If you are thinking about how tiring it is to clean this, well, in reality, you can just sit back and relax all you want.While cloth pads can be easily thrown into the washing machine, linoleum tiles can be wiped using cloth.

What to Put In

Just like other animals, ferrets also need a steady supply of water and food. They must also have a clean area and plenty of room for playing.

Here is an advice. When putting in a food bowl, you must get something that is heavy and won’t be easily knocked over since these little creatures love to play.

Take note that ferrets also want to play. So, it is best that you provide different toys for them, as well as a harness  for training. If you think these aren’t enough, you can install platforms and ramps for them to climb on.

Cage Maintenance

Cleanliness is essential for the overall wellness of your pet ferret. By keeping its cage clean, you are not just valuing its health, you are also giving importance to the people living nearby.

In addition, its food and water bowl must be changed and washed twice a day. This is to avoid them from consuming something contaminated.

The litter pan must also be removed daily. In case you notice its bedding and coverings are dirty, you have to get rid  of the dirt right away. If it is disposable, throw it away. Otherwise, throw it away.

As much as possible, you must have at least two or three spare beddings so that you’ll have replacements when you feel there is a need for washing.

When cleaning the cage, make sure you take everything out. And then, wash the cage using mild detergent or other recommended products. Also, before you return the items of your pet ferret into the cage, you need to dry them all.

Cage Placement

Because ferrets are sociable creatures, they live to be always near the action. Therefore, you need to place their cage in a place that is more accessible to all. But, do not put it outside if you don’t want to expose them to other potential health threats. Take note that ferrets are prone to sunstroke, so it is wise to keep their age away from direct sunlight.

It is also a good idea t keep their cage away from appliances like sound systems and televisions. This is because they need to have some time alone.

Though ferrets are often confused as a hybrid of a cat and a dog, they are still known as fun and clever creatures. If you are lucky enough to have one in your family, then make sure you treat him well. Be responsible and do not just leave him in ferret cages for the entire day. If you were in their shoes, you wouldn’t want to spend your lifetime, trapped within the four corners of the cage.

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