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5 Common Causes of Ferret Hair Loss

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One of the most common health problem a ferret can have is hair loss. The correct medical term for hair loss or baldness is alopecia. It means that there is a partial or even a complete hair loss in an area that has hair. The locations of the hair loss area differs from each other […]

Can My Pet Ferret Eat Dog Food?

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While most ferrets like to eat dog food, the real question is, “Is it safe for them to share the dog food together with your pooches?” Pet owners with multiple pets living in the same house usually ask this question. “Is it safe for my pet ferret to eat dog food?” During feeding time, the […]

An Explanation to Strange but Common Ferret Behaviors

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Are you a new pet owner of a ferret? Is your new fluffy friend acting strange and you don’t know what to do or you don’t know how to react to him? As a new ferret owner, you may be troubled on why they do that. But we will discuss here on why they do […]

Pet Ferret Care: A Guide for Ferret Owners

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Raising a pet ferret isn’t something that you should take for granted. Though they are adorable and cuddly creatures, they still require lots of attention. And to remain healthy and happy, they also need quality care and comfortable shelter or ferret cage. Whether or not you have a ferret at home, these tips should help […]

What You Should Know About Ferret Cages


Although ferrets need about three to four hours to play outside their cages, they normally spend the rest of the day inside their enclosures. For that reason, comfortable and well-designed ferret cages are considered a basic necessity. These days, these ferret coops come in a variety of shapes, designs, and features. While some have solid […]

Top 25 Ferret Facts

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Top 25 Ferret Facts 1 #DidYouKnow? FERRETS have different names, an unspayed female is a ‘jill’ and an unspayed male is a ‘sprite’. 2 #DidYouKnow? FERRETS live for an average of 6 to 7 years but have know to live a bit longer. 3 #DidYouKnow? FERRETS are actually members on the ‘mink’ family. 4 #DidYouKnow? […]