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For cavy owners, who always have their foot on the road, a guinea pig cage Sydney might be of great use. It can be taken to places without the hassles of bulkiness or heaviness. Thus, you can quickly secure it in your car with the assurance that your guinea pigs are not harmed. See Coops and Cages for the different guinea pig cages Sydney available for you!


Guinea Pig Hutches

Majestic Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Carriers

24″ Guinea Pig Crate

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Guinea Pig Hutches

Resort & Run Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Resort Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Florida Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Carmine Guinea Pig Hutch & Run


Guinea Pig Hutches

Carmine Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Janice Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Jackie Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Carmela Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Meadow Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Silvio Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Paulie Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Hutches

Bobby Guinea Pig Hutch


Guinea Pig Runs

Resort Guinea Pig Run


Guinea Pig Hutches

Holly Guinea Pig Enclosure


” I Would Highly Recommend This Cage For Anyone!”

5 Stars Rating – Nick
Guinea Pigs - Sydney
Guinea Pigs Sydney
Guinea - Sydney

A Fun and Spacious Environment

While they are classified as rodents, guinea pigs shouldn’t be housed in a cage designed for hamsters and mice. These creatures are larger than them so it is just right to give them a much bigger home.

Ideally, a guinea pig cage must vertically to encourage natural behaviours like climbing and digging. Do not be too concerned about models and designs that feature ramps. All that matters is having sufficient space to exercise and move around.

And because you understand that enclosures are extremely important for your little pals, it would be best to offer them a durable guinea pig enclosure that helps improve their well-being.

Getting the Best Guinea Pig Cages in Sydney

For sure, you are thinking it would be impossible for you to find guinea pig cages in Sydney that feature all the best things. But I say it’s something you need not to worry about. Take it from me because I’ve got mine without having to leave the comforts of my home.

With the help of Google, I was able to buy mine in just minutes. Although there were too many choices out for me, I knew choosing Coops and Cages wouldn’t disappoint me. And I was right.

Unlike any other online stores, Coops and Cages boast FREE SHIPPING, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, and 12-MONTH WARRANTY for all their products at no minimum cost! So in the event that something comes up in a year span, they’ll be more than happy to help out.

Guinea Pigs
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Perfect Cage for your Guinea Pigs

Why Coops and Cages?

As Australia’s number one online pet enclosure store, Coops and Cages always strive to provide and offer only what’s best. We don’t only work for money, but we work to help owners find their pets a cozy yet reliable home.

Being in the pet industry for several years now, we completely understand your concerns about the needs of your pets. For that reason, we continue working hard for excellence, not only service-wise, but also in terms of product quality.

With lots of products to choose from – chicken coops, rabbit hutches, dog kennels, animal playpens, cat scratching posts, and guinea pig cages, Coops and Cages have been trusted by more and more Australians for their pets’ needs.

When in doubt, keep calm and seek assistance from the friendly customer support team. 


Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful pet owners!


 "My ferrets were insanely happy when they first saw this. They kept running around and checking every nook and corner. Love it! Thanks for the great service. Will be buying for my rabbits soon."


ULtimate playground!

 "Man, this the ultimate playground for my cats,They play tag all the time and enjoy lounging in the cat cradle. If you want to keep your cat busy (and away from your furniture) don't hesitate to get this. "



 "We are loving our pen - easy to move, fold away if necessary. Great for moving around the lawn or bringing inside. Sales and service when buying online was excellent and very responsive."



If there are any questions that you have about our products, services, postage times or putting the enclosures together. We have a strict 24 hour email response policy, this fast rate of response should assist your decisions.

Customer Support

At Coops and Cages, we take customer service very seriously, so if you have any questions or worries, call us or e-mail us with any questions, or to place an order.

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