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When you are a thinking about raising chickens in your backyard, then you might want to consider getting a chicken coop Adelaide.

Not only does this keep your flock safe and secure; it also makes a wonderful addition to your yard. See the chicken coops Adelaide sold at Coops and Cages and choose which design suits your needs.


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Say No to Second-Hand Chicken Pens!

Who would ever want to risk the lives of their birds in exchange for a cheap and damaged chicken pen? Nobody, right? With a brand new chicken shed, you can be more confident that your chickens are protected against potential predators like snakes and dogs. Aside from that, it can guarantee you that the designs have passed and met the measurement requirements of a standard chicken coop for sale in Adelaide.

Elevated and Spacious Coops

The best place to put your chicken coop is the highest part of the backyard or the garden. In that area, predators won’t be able to scare and threaten your flock. This is also very helpful when it rains because you can be sure that your chooks are safe when it floods.

If you think of buying chicken pens for sale in Adelaide, you also need to take into account the number of birds you want to raise. Why not check out our handy Chicken Coop Sizing Guide to see which coop is the right size for your flock.

Poultry Farming in Adelaide

Before raising chickens in Adelaide, it is best that you research reputed sellers. This way, you will have an assurance that you’ll be getting only vaccinated and healthy birds. If possible, do not get those that come from varying sources as this may only increase the risk of acquiring some other diseases and pests.

After that, you need to take note of the laws about keeping chickens. You don’t want to be in trouble because of not abiding the bylaws created by LGAs. If possible, visit your nearest LGA for more detailed regulations.

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Chicken Coops vs. Chicken Runs

Prior to obtaining any form of housing for your birds, it is best that you seek approval from your nearest LGA. They might have imposed rules concerning the position of the housing, as well as the number of birds to keep.

Of course, you have two different housing options. The first one is to get a chicken coop and the other one is to use a chicken run. Either way, these two can efficiently house your flock. But still, there are things that must be taken into consideration.

When you opt for a chicken coop, make sure it allows air to properly circulate. Also, it must be fox-proof. You don’t want these nasty creatures to cause destruction among your flock. On the other hand, if you choose a chicken run, it must be fenced with a chicken mesh of at least 1.8 meters height. By doing so, foxes will be discouraged to kill any of your birds.

Perfect and Cozy Home for Your Chickens in Adelaide

Locals in Adelaide claim that the chicken coops for sale in their community are built with sturdy and durable bases that can withstand rotting and prevent destruction caused by burrowing or digging animals.

Since snakes and rodents are a common sight in Australia, the chicken pens made in the locality make a very perfect choice for your birds. Nothing else can make your chickens happier than a safe, cozy, and perfect home.


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