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With a Sydney Chicken Coop, rest assured that your chooks are in safety. This type of enclosure comes with safety features, such as mesh wires at the bottom to prevent digging predators from causing harm. For chicken coops Sydney that passed the standards of the industry, make a purchase only at Coops and Cages.


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Consider the Weather in Sydney as well as the Chicken Breed

Living in Sydney means you are at risk to having problems with extreme weather conditions. You might be well aware that the weather can either get too hot or too cold at times. With that said, you should also know that chickens are not capable of handling too much heat.

That is why a number of chicken coops for sale in Sydney are trending and becoming very popular in the market because they are great items that help your birds avoid heat stroke and keep them cool.

Heat stroke is rampant in Sydney and it can be very fatal to chickens. Therefore, it is important that you pay careful attention on the materials used on the chicken coop. Avoid purchasing a shelter with an acrylic roof.

Instead, purchase a shed with a wooden or steel roof. This will prevent high temperature from staying inside the coop and would allow cool air to get in and circulate. Also, consider those coops with windows because these allow clean and fresh air to flow naturally inside and outside the enclosure.

Save Your Chickens from Rodent Infestation

No matter where you are in Australia, rodent infestation is always a problem. As we all know, rodents are one of the worst disease-carrying animals on the planet. They sneak into the smallest and dirtiest corners and wreak havoc on almost anything they see.

Can you imagine these creatures lurking inside the chicken coops in Sydney and spreading deadly illnesses to all the chickens? That can really be frustrating and costly. One bite from these pests and your production will be affected.

Not only will they scare away the chickens, they will also destroy the eggs in the shed. A well-designed coop can assure you that rodents and other similar critters will not be able to come near your flock and their eggs.

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Choosing an Enclosure Wisely

You can easily avoid the chances of having harmful pests inside your coop. How? Before buying one, make sure that the chicken coop you bought in Sydney is using materials recommended for an effective shelter.

If possible, take a look at the gaps between the mesh. If the gaps are wider than 30mm, then the chicken coop is not built for protection (all of Coops And Cages™ are smaller than this). Try to make a wise choice when it comes to choosing the right size chicken coop. This way, you will have a healthier, happier, and a more satisfied flock.

If only all these are taken note of in the very beginning, then for sure, there is no stopping you to harvesting fresh eggs and having healthy chickens


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