What is an F1, F1b, F2 and F3 Oodle Dog

Are you looking for a dog breed to become your new best friend? Maybe you have narrowed it down to two breeds and are trying to decide which one is the perfect fit.

What is an Oodle Dog

Is F1 or F2 Better?

The F1 generation dogs are generally smaller in size, with some being more energetic than others.

The F2 generation dogs on the other hand, tend to be larger in size and calmer by nature.

If you can’t decide between these two types of dog breeds, then we recommend that you read this blog post!

Crossbred dogs and designer dogs are often referred to as F1s, F2s, F3s or F1B.

Explain the Breeding Naming Standard

The “F” stands for “filial” and  is a dog breed’s generation.

The first number of the “F” stands for the generation, while the second number refers to how many generations back it is from its original purebred ancestor.

What is a P Generation?

The P generation is a 100% purebred dog that has its own breed and lineage.

All the different variations of Oodle dogs

The F1 Generation is a:

  • 50% Purebred-A
  • 50% Purebred-B

These dogs are a result of the breeding between two pure bred parents.

One half is always from their mother, and the other comes directly from Dad – that’s where they get those irresistible ears!

These adorable pups come with one side of genes stemming straight from Mommy and Daddy’s original lineages.

See some common F1 examples are listed below:

The F1B Generation is a:

  • 75% Purebred-A
  • 25% Purebred-B

A breeder might use the F1 backcross breeding technique to intensify their desired traits in a new breed.

In simple terms, an F1B (aka. back cross) is a F1 bred with a poodle. They are more poodle than F1 and barely shed.

They are the most suitable choice for high allergy sufferers. This makes them more desirable and therefore the most expensive of all the oodles

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Spoodle Dog Breeds

The F2 Generation is a:

F2 dogs are a cross between two F1 hybrids, they are the offsets resulting from the mating of two F1 hybrids.

  • 50% Purebred-A
  • 50% Purebred-B

F2 generation dogs are a cross between two F1 hybrids, they are the offsets resulting from the mating of two F1 hybrids.

For example, a Labradoodle with parents who are also Labradoodles.

And the F2B Generation is a:

The F2b generation dogs are a type of dog that is the product of an F1 and an F1 backcrossed parent.

As an example, a Labradoodle whose mother is a labradoodle F1 and father labradoodle F1b is considered to be the f2b generation.

Labradoodle Dog Breeds

F1 Breed Examples

F1 Groodles

Groodles are a crossbreed of two very popular dogs, the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. This first generation is called an F1 Groodle with 50% golden retriever genes and 50% poodle genetics.

When bred in this way one can find fleecy coats among them as well as some light shedding from their coat which makes it perfect for pet owners who have allergies or other sensitivities to dog hair!

F1 Labradoodles

An F1 Labradoodle is a cross between your favorite pups, the Labrador and Poodle.

These curly-tailed furballs are 50% poochy goodness from both sides of their family tree!

The result?

A fluffy pup with all of the traits you love about each breed: fun loving personalities, intelligence to match their enthusiasm for learning new things (including tricks!).

Not to mention, easy grooming needs, relatively low shedding capabilities – plus those signature dog smells that just make life better in general.

What’s not to love?!

F1 Cavoodle

A first generation (F1) Cavoodle is the offspring of a cross between two pure breeds, toy poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Many breeders only have one parent in each side to keep consistent with their different genetics while still ensuring that they’re both low shedding dogs.

They are typically an even mix of both parents’ features without any surprises when it comes to health or coat type!

F1 Maltipoo

F1 Maltipoos are the first generation. This is when a purebred toy Poodle and Purebred Toy Maltese get crossed, resulting in puppies of mixed heritage called F1 MaltaPoo’s.

F1 Maltipopoes get their name from what happens when you cross two different genera: A Pure-Bred Toy Poodle, which has been bred to make it smaller while still retaining its intelligence and loyalty; combined with an equally as small breed such as the Pure-Bred Toy Malteeze resulting offspring would have most likely inherited traits like size (around 6 pounds), energy level, lifespan etc., features retained through selective

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