Adopting or Buying Rabbits

Rabbits make great pets for people of all ages. Their friendly and gentle nature makes them suitable for children. Many adults also choose to keep rabbits as pets. They are just too cute to resist!

It is important to do research before buying a pet rabbit. Look at various adoption groups or breeders before you decide which one is right for you. It is important to check they are reputable and treat their rabbits well.

If you get a bad feeling, don’t purchase from them. Quality adoption groups and breeders will happily answer any questions you have and show you where the rabbits live.


You can adopt pet rabbits from animal shelters or rescue groups. By adopting, you help save a rabbit and give it a second chance at having a great life.

Adopting is typically cheaper than buying. A good shelter or rescue will always have had a vet check your rabbit over for any health issues. Some will also desex your rabbit before allowing it to be adopted out.

When you adopt, you typically have less choice of which breed you would like.


You can buy a pet rabbit directly from a breeder. Always do your research to make sure the breeder is reputable and registered. Ask your breeder a lot of questions and check out the home the rabbits were raised in.

Established breeders will be aware of genetic mutations that could cause issues and will know how to avoid them. This means a rabbit from a breeder is often more likely to be healthier.

Buying from a breeder gives you the option to choose a specific breed of rabbit that you may prefer or may be more suitable to you.

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How Much Does a Rabbit Cost?

Domestic rabbits typically cost between $20 and $80 to buy in Australia. Some exotic or show breeds may cost more.

Typically, it is cheaper to adopt a rabbit rather than purchase from a breeder. However, you will still need to pay a fee which covers the cost of their medical checks and vet fees.

Also consider the other costs associated with rabbit ownership. When setting up, you will need to buy an enclosure, food bowls and water bottles.

Ongoing costs include food, bedding and vet bills. Other optional expenses include grooming, pet insurance and boarding if you go away.

Rabbits As Pets

Am I Allowed a Rabbit Where I Live?

Most Australian states allow you to keep a domestic rabbit as a pet.

Queensland is the only state where it is illegal to keep a pet rabbit. This is because they are considered a pest and if they are released can cause severe damage to local flora and fauna.

If you are unsure about whether you are allowed a pet rabbit in your area, contact your local council to find out. Laws can change so it is important to check the current rules where you live.


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