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With a cat scratching post Perth, you won’t have to cry over ripped off carpet or spend your fortune to fix a damaged furniture. This item is created to train kitties to scratch in the right place to avoid causing problems in the household. To know the different designs of cat scratching posts Perth, see what’s in store at Coops and Cages.


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How to Find the Best Cat Scratching Posts in Perth

When buying a cat scratching post in Perth, there are lots of things to consider. But what actually matters is that it does the job, regardless if it is made from sisal, wood, or cardboard.

To help condition the nails of felines, a durable material like sisal is ideal. Though it can be pricey initially, rest assured it will last for years. As cats scratch the post, the sisal surface catches the claws. Therefore, as the cat pulls her claw in a downward manner, a new claw sheath is exposed.

Honestly, you have two options when choosing a post, either a long-lasting one or something that is temporary. Whatever your choice is, it is all up to you. Buying a cheap one at first can be practical and as soon as the number of your felines multiplies, you can upgrade it with something robust. Nevertheless, the price difference won’t be that much.

Training Cats to Use a Scratching Post

Now that you have finally decided the type of scratching post to get, it is time that you train your felines to use them

Although it sounds weird, you have to first show your cats how to scratch. While your cat is watching, do a scratching motion. However, do not ever force her to scratch by holding her paws. By doing that, you are actually discouraging her to use the post.

If that does not work, you can lure her with rewards and treats. Surround the post with her favorite toys and treats. If catnip is available, you can also rub it around. When your cat scratches your sofa instead, you can spray her with water. 

Once she gets used to it and ends up shredding it so bad, do not ever attempt to replace the surface. After all, it is a cat scratching post and that is what you want to happen.

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The Best Cat Scratching Posts in Perth

As you search for cat scratching posts in Perth, be wary that these are sold in varying designs and sizes. But I want to warn you. Do not be deceived by its looks. Plenty of good-looking posts are there don’t have anything good to offer. 

If you want to get an affordable and durable cat scratching post, you can find it at Coops and Cages. Visit them today and be amazed by what their store has to offer for you and your cat’s needs.


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