A dog cage is often used as a temporary shelter for canines that need to be trained or are sick. Then again, it has plenty other uses. For quality dog cages that are pocket-friendly and are durable, visit Coops and Cages. Regardless of the size and age of your pooch, we can quickly recommend the right cage for him!


Luxurious Dog Cages for Your Canine Companion

A lot of times, people perceive keeping dogs in crates or cages as something mean. On the contrary, dogs usually love their dog cages. It is every dog’s natural instinct to look for a den. This is evident with dogs that hide or sleep under the bed, table or other confined spaces. Cages serve as a dog’s luxury apartment, with all its bed or padding, toys and food.

Dog Toilet Training

Dog cages can effectively help in toilet training a puppy. All puppies hate messing on their beds. If you happen to place a Labrador puppy on a small crate, he will definitely wait for you to let him out before doing his thing. With this, house training becomes easier, both for you and your pet.

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Cage protection from the chewing

Tired of all the mess from furniture destroyed by your dog? A dog crate can help you with that. A crate can keep your puppy or dog shut while you are away or you are unable to look after your pet. Like babies, puppies love to chew on things.

In fact, their favourite pastime is chewing on almost everything they see – toys, slippers, shoes or even electrical wires! Having a dog cage will help protect your possessions from being chewed and swallowed by your puppy. Not only that! Putting your dog in a cage will keep him away from getting sick due to indigestion.

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Their own doggy playground

Aside from being loyal to their owners, dogs are adored because they are active and playful. There are times when canines want to play outside, but you just don’t have the time to bring them to the park or around the neighbourhood.

A dog play pen comes in handy during these times. This is a useful tool to keep your dog busy by playing around the fenced area. The pen will not only serve as your pet’s playground but also as a personal space for taking a nap and just relaxing.

Best fence for your best friend

Nowadays, it isn’t difficult to look for dog cages since there are a lot of dog crates for sale in the market. You can choose from different sizes that will suite the breed of your dog. You can also choose from various colours, designs and quality.

If you want to keep your dog playing in your backyard, there are dog fencing plans available online. Dog fences are useful in keeping your pet away from the dangers that may happen outside your house.

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Well Made

"The crate came exactly as described and is strong, sturdy and well made. Easy to assemble."

Easy Cleaning

"My favorite part about this is that the roof lifts up for easy cleanup. Easy transaction. Love it."


"Bought this crate for my Am Staff & it is fantastic. Very good price, fast & efficient delivery & exactly how it was described. Recommend Coops & Cages highly."


"This carrier didn't just help provide comfort to my Labrador while traveling. It also gave him temporary shelter when he didn't have his kennel yet!"

Worth The Money

"My two rowdy boys love this one. This was worth my money. Great service too."

Great Item

"Great item and worth my money. Recommended it to several of my mates."


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