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How to Choose a Dog Boarding Kennel

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There are times when we have to go on business trips for days or go out with the entire family for a vacation outside the country. Yes, these instances are rare, but the thought of leaving your pet behind even for a short span of time can be very stressful for you and for him. […]

Give Your Pooch the Perfect Dog Kennel


A dog kennel is more like your dog’s castle. So to be able to make it appear like a home, there are certain guidelines that should be taken into account. Regardless if you are actually building or buying a ready-made dog kennel, as a dedicated dog owner, you can do something to make it look […]

Keep Your Canine Pals Happy in a Dog Cage

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It was a sunny Sunday. So I thought it was a perfect time to walk my favourite chocolate Labrador in the park. Considering the distance of the park from our house, I had to prepare a couple of treats for myself and of course, for my furry pal. Since my dog pal isn’t so comfortable […]

Dog Dental Care: A Better Smile for Dogs

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Unlike humans, dogs are not prone to cavities. However, this does not mean they can’t get dental problems. Dogs can also acquire gingivitis, plaque and tartar. Aside from the food they eat and monitoring their dental hygiene, it would be best to keep their dog kennel clean to ensure that further diseases do not penetrate […]