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General Guidelines In Feeding Your Hamsters

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We commonly see hamsters with cheeks full but still, we want to provide them with more food. Even though they do not finish the food in their mouth directly, it is important to avoid overfeeding our hamsters. Hamsters can eat diverse foods, but in most cases, they only need dry foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables. […]

7 Considerations Before Petting a Hamster

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Do you find hamsters as ideal pets? Of course, they are. However, before you acquire one, make sure you educate yourself about a few important things that would help make the hamster’s stay with you a comfortable and safe one. Below are a few considerations to keep in mind before petting a hamster: 1. Environmental […]

What to Do About Aggressive Hamsters

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Hamsters come in different sizes and colors. They also differ in their personality. Some are timid while others are very playful and energetic. But sometimes, some hamsters are very naughty and aggressive and might end up hurting other hamsters within the cage they are sharing with. So when is the proper to separate them? It […]