Keeping Your Chooks Dry: Do Chickens Need Shelter from Rain?

Keeping Your Chooks Dry- Do Chickens Need Shelter from Rain?

Do chickens need shelter from rain? In this blog, we delve into the importance of protecting our feathered friends when the skies open up.

Exploring the question, “Do chickens need shelter from rain?” we’ll provide tips on safeguarding their well-being and feather health during wet weather.

Do Chickens Need Shelter From Rain?

Yes, chicken owners need to provide shelter for their flock. Even hardy breeds still need somewhere dry and safe to take cover from the rain.

Rain-Related Illnesses

When you’re keeping chickens, your main concern needs to be chicken safety.

While chicken feathers are water-resistant, heavy rain can penetrate their feathers and reach the skin. Wet feathers in cold weather can result in a lowered body temperature, increasing susceptibility to upper respiratory infections, fungal infections, hypothermia and frostbite.

Bacteria, lice and mites also thrive in environments that have been damp for long periods.

Maintaining Feather Health

A chicken’s plumage plays a crucial role in temperature regulation and protection against injuries. Prolonged exposure to moisture can damage their delicate feathers compromising their ability to stay warm and protected.

Natural Instincts

Just like how humans prefer to stay indoors on cold days, chickens will naturally seek a sheltered area during rain. Most chickens avoid water and muddy puddles!

If you don’t provide your chickens with adequate shelter on rainy days, clustering can result in increased stress levels and aggressive behaviour.

Jordan’s Tip: 

Certain chicken breeds, such as Silkie chickens, are prone to damaged feathers in the rain. If your Silkie gets wet, gently dry it with a towel or blow dryer on low heat.

Do Chickens Need Shelter From Rain?

Practical Tips for Protecting Chickens from Rain

A coop is more than just a home; it’s a safe haven that should protect your chooks from harsh weather conditions. Ensuring the coop remains dry even in heavy rain goes a long way to keeping a happy chicken coop.

Use Proper Roofing Material

A sturdy, waterproof roof keeps the inside of the coop dry during rainy weather. The roof should be made from strong materials that can withstand weather conditions without leaking or deteriorating over time. We recommend either asphalt or corrugated sheeting.

Cover Outdoor Spaces Where Possible

It is a good idea for chicken keepers to provide a covered run area. This allows hens to exercise during wet weather without getting soaked.

If your hen house has an open run, you could add chicken run covers (aka. rain covers) on the top to help your chickens stay dry.

Routine Checks and Maintenance

Regularly check your backyard chicken coop for damage or cracks. You do not want their rain shelter leaking if there is a sudden downpour.

Sufficient Space

Ensure your flock has plenty of room to roam comfortably, even if they’re inside more often due to bad weather. They shouldn’t feel cramped or uncomfortable in their space.

Elevated Design

Beyond providing chickens shelter, you also need to ensure their nesting area is raised. An elevated design prevents water ingress during heavy rainfall. This ensures that even if water pools around the base of the coop during a downpour, it won’t seep into where your hens are roosting.

Jordan’s Tip:

Your coop should be built to last, with strong construction and high-quality materials. The better the quality, the longer it’ll protect your chickens from harsh weather.

Best Sheltered Chicken Coops

We’ve got a line-up of four fantastic choices that not only shelter your chickens from rain but also provide a comfy and safe living space.


The Connie is an excellent choice for keeping your chooks dry during a rain shower. The covered roof protects them, while the spacious interior lets them stretch their wings comfortably.


The Castle coop, true to its name, offers royal comfort to your flock. It has a fully covered roof over the large run area, so your flock will never feel cramped during a storm.


Not only does the Majestic coop offer superb protection against the elements, but its smart layout makes cleaning up after your feathered friends easy.


The Resort is a haven for your chickens with its high-quality build and colourful design. The chicken run has a fully covered roof, allowing your flock to exercise in any weather.

Jordan’s Wrap

Do chickens need shelter from rain? Yes, safeguarding your chickens from wet weather is crucial to prevent health issues and ensure their well-being.

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