A Guide to Choosing the Right Rabbit Hutch


After you’ve decided to finally get a bunny as pet, the next thing you must consider is the perfect rabbit hutch for her. But since there are lots of factors to consider, from the size to the type of cage, it won’t be easy to find the perfect one. For that reason, we have created this guide to make the process of choosing simpler and easier.

In or Out?

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Nowadays, rabbits are kept inside and outside the house. However, which is the best option? Where do you think are the rabbits more comfortable?

Although rabbits can survive the wild, living in extreme weather conditions can be risky for their health. Therefore, the best option would be to let them live near you, ideally, in a place that you can visit and check from time to time, such as rabbit enclosures or hutches.

Flooring Options

Although there are many types of flooring used in rabbit hutches today, the most common are the wire floor and the solid floor. Despite their popularity, they still have advantages and disadvantages.

Wire Flooring

Wire floors are opted by many because these are easier to clean up. They usually come with pull-out pans, making it more convenient as rabbit owners can just simply remove and wipe down the waste.

However, it has a major drawback. Bunnies are not so comfortable with this type of flooring because their feet aren’t meant to stay on wire grates. If you have a heavy breed like the Flemish Giant, this will be a big problem. Nevertheless, if you insist to get a rabbit hutch with a wire floor, make sure it still has a solid flooring to ensure the comfort of your bunnies.

Solid Flooring

Yes, cages with solid floorings are cozier for bunnies, but take note that they are difficult to clean. Most of the time, rabbits have to be moved to another area to make sure everything is cleaned up properly. Normally, cages with this type of flooring have to be wiped. Also, the bedding has to be changed regularly.

Cage Doors

To be able to lift or bring your rabbits out, you need to find a cage with a door that is wide enough to fit your arms and the rabbit. So obviously, it would be great to find one with large doors. By opting for something like that, you are not just helping your pets feel comfortable. You are also making the task of cleaning the interior of the hutch easier.

In addition, it is essential to have at least one side door. With this, you can simply let your rabbits move in and our when needed without having to worry about their safety and security.

Here’s something you must ponder upon. When checking on the cage’s door, make sure it has locks and hinges. The aim here is not just comfort, but security as well. With a lock, you will have the assurance that predators won’t be able to scare or frighten them at night or when you are away.

The Perfect Bedding

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As a responsible pet owner, it is your duty to choose a safe bedding. Though clay kitty litter can be used, take note that this can be harmful for the bunnies since dust can cause irritation to their gentle lungs. Thus, it is best that you use straw or hay.

But then again, if you have a wire-cage, make sure the flooring is partially covered with sisal mat or grass. This way, the feet of your pets will be properly protected.

Cage Bars

If you can notice, the cages and hutches sold today features cage bars made from varying materials. While some are plastic or powder-coated, others are galvanized to ensure it won’t rust. So deciding which one is the best solely depends on your preference. But you might want to consider the fact rabbits are chewers and that plastic coatings will easily wear off.

Considering the Size

Always remember that the hutch is a place where your rabbits will spend most of their time. Hence, it has to be very comfortable. But how? One easy way to make it as comfortable as possible is to get a spacious hutch.

As recommended by experts, a hutch must be at least four times the actual size of the rabbit, which is approximately 24 x 36 inches for those bunnies that weigh below 8 pounds and 30 x 36 for those that are larger than the usual.

Apart from that, it is suggested that the cage’s height must be tall enough for the rabbits to stand on their hind legs. So be sure you get something that is at least taller than 2 inches or 60 centimeters.

Even if you get a rabbit hutch that is easy to clean, you must still prioritize the safety and comfort of your pets. If possible, choose an enclosure that fits your budget, is durable, and is spacious enough for your bunnies. If you can do that, for sure, your rabbits will reward you with all the love and affection they can give.

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