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How to get a cat into a cat carrier faq

How to Get a Cat in a Pet Carrier?

If a visit to the vet is the only time your cat sees the cat carrier then the sudden appearance of the carrier will trigger fear and anxiety in your cat.

Follow these tips to make getting your cat into a pet carrier pain free.

  1. A few weeks before a planned vet visit clean and dry the carrier getting rid of any smells. Avoid using strong smelling disinfectants: cats don’t like the smell. Try using a calming cat pheromone spray such as Feliway.
  2. Place the carrier with door open near her food dishes. Once kitty is comfortable eating around the carrier try moving the food dish inside the carrier.
  3. Leave your cat’s favourite blanket and some treats inside the carrier to entice her in.

If kitty feels comfortable and safe in and around the carrier then your job will be easier on the day and kitty might even enter the carrier without any coercion from you.

If kitty is still refusing to enter the carrier then follow these steps:

  1. Sit the carrier with the open door pointing up to the ceiling.
  2. Wrap a towel (sprayed with a calming cat pheromone spray) around the cat. Hold the cat firmly enough to prevent escape but not so firm as to restrict breathing and quickly place the cat and towel inside the carrier.
  3. Close the door—you don’t need to remove the towel.

Some cats will adapt more easily to travel but for most cats it is a stressful experience.

Place kitty in the carrier and take her for a short drive from time to time to get her used to the experience. Talk to kitty and reassure her.

The more comfortable you can make the process the better.

How big should a cat carrier be?

Getting the correctly sized cat carrier for your cat can make a huge difference to your cat’s comfort when travelling (and also to your stress levels).

Your cat should be able to turn around easily inside the carrier.

Measure the length and height of your cat and add 8cms to both length and height.

Our small plastic cat carrier measures H32cm x W34cm x L50cm, ideal for smaller cats or kittens.

Can you put two cats in one carrier?

Provided each cat has enough room to turn around you can put two cats in the one carrier.

You could put two small kittens in our small plastic cat carrier, which measures H32cm x W34cm x L50cm.

Keep journeys short when travelling with two cats in the same carrier. It’s usually best to avoid placing two adult cats in the same container.

Check with airlines for cat carrier rules if travelling by air.

How long can cat stay in cat carrier?

If you use the correct size carrier then up to 6 hours or 8 at the absolute maximum should be o.k.

If your trip is longer than this, let your cat out from time to time for food, water and exercise (in a safe space or on a lead).

Keep the carrier in the shade and check the temperature inside the carrier from time to time.

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