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Is It Really True That Dogs Dream?

Is It Really True That Dogs Dream- (1)-min

I am quite certain that you have experienced this before. You are in the living room, watching television and relaxing after a long day at work. And then, all of a sudden, you hear your dog whining and scratching in his dog kennel. Curious of what’s going on, you get up to check him only […]

How Animals Benefit People with Dementia

How Animals Benefit People with Dementia

Pet therapy is a field in medicine in which animals like dogs and cats are used to help patients recover from health problems like cancer, heart disease, and dementia. Ever since its introduction, it has received lots of positive feedback and even amassed a huge following. Sometimes, pet therapy is confused with animal-assisted activities. Though […]

Top 50 Rabbit Facts

TOP 50 RABBIT FACTS 1 #DidYouKnow? RABBITS that are born as pets (domesticated) are born with their eyes closed for up to 2 weeks (unlike wild rabbits) 2 #DidYouKnow? RABBITS are the generally the third most popular pets in the world (directly after Dogs and Cats) 3 #DidYouKnow? RABBITS can be seen eating their own […]

Top 25 Chicken Facts

TOP 25 CHICKEN FACTS 1 #DidYouKnow? CHICKENS will want to fly less if the owner / caretaker walks around backwards. 2 #DidYouKnow? CHICKENS are not scary looking BUT if you have a fear of chickens, it is called ‘Alektorophobia’. 3 #DidYouKnow? CHICKENS love to talk and be social with other animals, with this, they tend to […]