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The Best Lining to Use in a Bird Cage

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Do not ever underestimate the power of the lining found in your bird’s cage. Although its use is to basically collect the dirt of your flock, little do you know that it makes cleaning easier and more convenient. Apart from that, it keeps your colroful and adorable pets healthy and safe at all times. Well […]

10 Popular Bird Breeds That Make Great Pets

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When it comes to choosing a bird, most people usually get in over their heads. As a result, they get a pet that is too loud or worse, is too much to handle. If you don’t want that to happen to you, the best thing that you must do is to first expand your knowledge […]

Bird Cages: A Guide to Choosing One for Pets


If you are a dedicated bird owner, then you should know that the overall quality of the bird cages you are getting plays a vital role in their health or well-being. Basically, every single aspect of the cage will have an effect on your bird – from the design, size, features, to other functionality. Therefore, […]

Fun Facts You Should Know About Parrots


When people talk about pets, they normally think about dogs and cats. Although these four-legged creatures are the most adorable and lovable, there are still lots of interesting animals out there that make excellent household companions, such as parrots. Among other animals in the animal kingdom that can be made pets, parrots are considered next […]

Pet Birds that Would Be Liked by Your Kids

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Has your kid been bothering you lately to get him a pet bird? Well, that might be a little problem since birds and kids do not actually get along well together (but sometimes they do). We know that you want to make your kid behave by giving him what he wants – a pet bird, […]