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14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Dogs

Valentine's Day gift ideas for dogs, dog beds, dog cage, dog crate

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While everyone is busy preparing chocolates and ordering bouquets for people they love, our four-legged buddies are just in the corner waiting to at least get a tap or a belly rub.  Well, our furry loves deserve some love, too! So as you celebrate Valentine’s Day, do not forget about […]

How to Perform a DIY Physical Exam for Dogs

physical exam for dogs, dog care, dog cage

Dogs, like humans, need regular physical exams to stay in shape. However, since dogs age quickly than humans, they need more physical checks not once, but two times a year. Though learning basic first aid for dogs helps, nothing beats being able to perform a physical exam for dogs on your own.  Don’t worry, though, because you […]

How to Get Your Dog to Love His Kennel

dog kennel, dog kennel training

Yes, the dog kennel is known to make training easier and better. But it has some other uses, too. Not only does it provide a comfortable shelter at times when your pooch is feeling sick; it also provides a safety and security for traveling. Then again, there are dogs that think the kennel is not […]

Give Your Pooch the Perfect Dog Kennel


A dog kennel is more like your dog’s castle. So to be able to make it appear like a home, there are certain guidelines that should be taken into account. Regardless if you are actually building or buying a ready-made dog kennel, as a dedicated dog owner, you can do something to make it look […]

Keep Your Canine Pals Happy in a Dog Cage

keep canines happy in a dog cage - feature

It was a sunny Sunday. So I thought it was a perfect time to walk my favourite chocolate Labrador in the park. Considering the distance of the park from our house, I had to prepare a couple of treats for myself and of course, for my furry pal. Since my dog pal isn’t so comfortable […]

The Perks of Using Dog Crates and Cages

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Using dog crates and cages offers a lot of benefits. Aside from being durable and useful shelters to dogs and some other animals, these also serve as a wonderful haven for relaxation, where they can spend their time to rest, unwind, or even play. But did you know that these crates have lots of other […]

A Guide to Choosing the Right Dog Cages

Though there are several aspects you should take into account when buying dog cages, the first thing you should check is whether it really fits your purpose. Take note that a dog kennel or cage can be a visually pleasing thing, but you need to watch out of the chic and classy options as some […]