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How to Keep Your Dog from Begging Food at the Table

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Okay. So you are sitting at the dining table and enjoying a scrumptious meal. However, when you look down, you see your dog with those begging eyes. You can’t stop yourself and feel pity. You eventually find yourself feeding him with table scraps.   Well, you can do something about it. You can actually keep your dog from begging food at the […]

The Best Dog Treats You Can Give Your Adorable Little Pup

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While your four-legged pals are still puppies, it is best that you take time to bond with them. If possible, let them play and socialize. Allow them to discover things by themselves. If you have time, you can also train them. However, letting them try these activities can be very challenging. One moment, they’d play […]

Can My Pet Ferret Eat Dog Food?

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While most ferrets like to eat dog food, the real question is, “Is it safe for them to share the dog food together with your pooches?” Pet owners with multiple pets living in the same house usually ask this question. “Is it safe for my pet ferret to eat dog food?” During feeding time, the […]

Healthy Foods for Your Beloved Pet Dogs

Healthy Foods for Your Beloved PET DOGS

Considering my years of working for the pet industry, pet owners who are having problems with what to feed their pet dogs come to me and seek my advice. Honestly, I didn’t know what to say at first, but all the questions that keep on coming over made me more motivated and excited to research […]