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Halloween Fun with You and Your Pet

Halloween, Halloween with pets

With Halloween just around the corner, most kids are very excited to do some trick or treating around the neighborhood. Some people celebrate Halloween with children while some also celebrate Halloween with their pets and other people celebrate Halloween with everybody. Who said you can’t have fun during Halloween with your pet? Without wasting anymore […]

7 Pet Dangers to Look Out for This Halloween

pet dangers, Halloween

There’s no denying that the air is filled with so much horror and terror. While establishments are adorned with hair-raising ornaments, households are prepping tasty delights. And just when we thought that Halloween is a time for kids to enjoy, we often overlook the fact that there are potential dangers to our pets that may […]

10 Easy Homemade Pet Treats for Halloween

pet treats, Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means for us? Yes, tons of candies and chocolates, which unfortunately your pets can’t have. While the fright night is a time when eating sweets is highly encouraged, pets don’t always get to enjoy as much as we do since most of the treats […]

10 Vital Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

pet safety

With Halloween just around the corner, we all get excited to dress up as zombies and ghosts to bring home a bagful of goodies. But let’s face it. Though it is festive and fun for us humans, it could be a nightmare for our beloved pets. Then again, you can help your furry pals steer […]