10 Cat Breeds Preferred as Household Pets

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Regardless of your personality, there’s a perfect cat for you. Aloof or dependent, playful or not, big or small, there are lots of cat breeds to choose from. And as soon as you find the right feline that suits your taste and style, then it’d be a “purrfect” pair.

So if you are looking for a new feline pal, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 cat breeds that are opted by many as household pets.

1. Sphynx

Spynx cat, cat breeds

According to research, Sphynx cats are considered the sweetest felines towards strangers. Because they are hairless, they would quickly cuddle with anyone to seek warmth. Then again, they’d also do that for attention.

This cat breed doesn’t really enjoy spending time alone. They’d rather check out what others are doing and even do silly things to get themselves engaged and entertained.

2. Maine Coon

maine coon, cat breeds

Known for being relaxed and playful at the same time, the Maine coon is among the few cat breeds that easily get along with people. They will just hang out in their cat enclosure. Though they are excellent travel buddies, they would appreciate those cuddle moments. They let you know you are special by giving you head butts and then following you wherever you go.

3. Manx

manx, cat breeds

Even if it doesn’t have a tail, that doesn’t stop him from socializing with others. Manx cats could easily participate in any activities and social gatherings. They like to play with toys, cat scratching posts, and run around the house. They enjoy the company of their humans and are happy to listen to random talks about their day. As soon as a Manx trusts you, he will be your best buddy.

4. Birman

birman, cat breeds

Unlike the three cat breeds mentioned, the Birmans know how to keep balance between play and cuddling. While they enjoy time spent with kids, they also love a good cuddle from their owners. When bored, they’d eagerly look for you to get that most coveted head scratch. Because of their welcoming personality and character, they are ideal guest entertainers.

5. Ragdoll

ragdoll, cat breeds

Ragdolls obtained their name from the drooping body position they do whenever they seek attention. These felines are generally laid-back and they are willing to do that if that means getting their human’s attention. Also, they don’t appreciate going out. They’d prefer following their owners from room to room and stay within distance. Until they get older, Ragdolls can keep their kitten-like behavior.

6. Somali

somali, cat breeds

Notorious for their active approach to get attention and affection, the Somalis are naturally curious. They love solving puzzles and are eager to complete them with anyone who shows interest. Due to their high energy levels, they could be trained for agility tricks.

Although they love being the center of attraction, they don’t want to share the spotlight with other pets. They’d exert effort to make them the best pet at home.

7. Siamese

siamese, cat breeds

Like the Burmese cats, the Siamese kitties are loving yet curious. They don’t only yearn your attention; they’d do anything to make sure you don’t forget to include them in your daily activities. Even if you are doing household chores, they will happily interfere.

Since they have a wide range of interests, they can be trained to do things. In fact, they can act like dogs. Overall, they can easily get comfortable with anyone.

8. Burmese

burmese, cat breeds

The Burmese cats are known for using their charm and appeal for attention. They love it when their humans speak to them about how their day went. They’d just sit in your lap and listen.

These kitties are glad to accept affection from anyone willing to provide. As a matter of fact, expert breeders suggest that they enjoy the company so much that owners might need to adopt other pets to keep them entertained.

9. Russian Blue

russian blue, cat breeds

There are talks that Russian Blue cats are independent and aloof. Truth be told, they are not. They just like to observe before doing anything. Once they get comfortable with a person, they’d stay close.

They want to be a part of everything their humans do. But because of their reserved nature, they tend to be unsuitable for social gatherings. Yet, as soon as they get good vibes, they could quickly get out of their comfort zones and welcome cuddles.

10. Persian

persian, cat breeds

Persians are among the gentlest cat breeds that live for a good petting time. Whenever they receive affection, they’d be happy to return it back. Just be careful not to be too rough with them. Though they aren’t as active as other felines, they still enjoy the company of others, stealing the spotlight and making a scene.

No matter what cat breeds you are bringing in, at the end of the day, training and socialization are the most important things you must keep in mind. Like other animals, they need time to adjust. Hence, be cautious in your first meeting.

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  1. Chloe J. Larson says:

    The idea of trying to figure out what pet to get or cat breed to have at home is perfectly logical. There are some cats that have intense behavior that might not suit you or your home. Additionally, there are some rules and regulations in some apartments or some cities in states with some laws about pets that you should take into consideration.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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