Portable Cat Enclosures: Keep Your Cat Safe

A portable cat enclosure has several advantages compared to traditional catios and cat fences

As a cat owner, you want to provide your feline companion with the best care and an enriching environment. Giving them safe access to the outdoors can be a fantastic way to achieve this, and that’s where portable cat enclosures come in.

These structures offer a convenient solution for allowing your cat to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors while ensuring their safety.

You can supervise them closely while they bask in the sunshine and experience the thrill of chasing butterflies without any fear of them running off.

But finding the best portable cat enclosures is no easy task. This blog should help you learn what it takes.

Benefits of Portable Cat Enclosures

A portable cat enclosure has several advantages compared to traditional catios and cat fences.


A portable cat enclosure allows you to adapt to changing weather conditions easily. Move it into the sun for your cat to bask, out of the sun at hotter times of the day, or under cover if it starts raining.

This ensures your feline friend remains comfortable and safe regardless of the weather.


In many rental properties, installing a permanent cat fence is usually out of the question because it requires drilling holes, pouring cement or altering a wall somehow.

Portable cat enclosures are perfect for renters since they aren’t installed or permanently attached to the property. This means you can use them without worrying about landlord approval or causing damage.

They are also easy to relocate if you move to a new house.

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Portable Cat Netting Enclosures

The best type of portable cat enclosure is one made from cat netting.

They typically consist of a sturdy, lightweight metal frame that’s covered with strong, cat-safe netting. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes.

The benefits of choosing netting over other types of portable enclosure include:


Cat net enclosures provide exceptional visibility, compared to other types of portable cat enclosures.

The see-through netting allows you to easily watch your cat as it enjoys the yard, ensuring you can monitor its safety and well-being at all times.

This transparency also means that the enclosure blends seamlessly into your garden, making it less of an eyesore and preserving the beauty of your outdoor space.

Ease of Assembly

Cat net enclosures are incredibly easy to assemble, making them a convenient option for cat owners. Unlike other types of enclosures that might require power tools and complicated instructions, cat net enclosures can be set up with minimal effort.

-Simply clip the heavy duty frame together and attach netting over the top – no tools needed. This straightforward assembly process reduces stress and saves time, allowing you to quickly create a safe outdoor space for your cat.

Light Weight

Cat net enclosures are significantly more lightweight compared to other types of portable cat enclosures, such as timber or metal ones. Their light weight makes them incredibly easy to move and transport, enhancing their portability.

You can easily drag or carry a cat net enclosure from one spot to another without the need for additional help. This convenience is particularly useful for adjusting the enclosure’s location based on weather conditions or your cat’s preferences.

Unlike heavier timber enclosures, there’s no risk of cracking or damaging the frame when moving a cat net enclosure, making it a more practical and user-friendly option.

Portable Cat Enclosures are Keeping Your Cat Safe

Choosing a Cat Enclosure

There’s no easy, one-size-fits-all answer to choosing the best portable cat enclosure. This is because what is suitable for one kitty might not be suitable for another.

Before rushing out to buy one, first consider:

Your Cat’s Preferences

When choosing an outdoor haven, it’s crucial to consider your cat’s preferences and behaviour to ensure a comfortable and suitable environment.

Young, active cats will benefit from a larger enclosure that provides ample space for running, jumping and playing. These energetic felines need room to exercise and explore to stay happy and healthy.

On the other hand, older or less active cats may be perfectly content with a smaller space where they can relax and lounge without feeling overwhelmed.

If your cat enjoys sitting up high and observing its surroundings, you should opt for a taller enclosure with accessories including hammocks and platforms. This allows your cat to indulge in its natural instinct to climb and survey its territory.

Additionally, consider whether your cat prefers a more enclosed, cosy space for security or an open area to interact with its environment.

Size of Your Yard

Before purchasing a cat enclosure, it’s essential to check the dimensions of the product and measure the available space in your backyard where you plan to place it.

Ensuring the enclosure will fit perfectly within your yard is crucial for both your cat’s enjoyment and the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space. Most pet owners aim to fit the largest enclosure possible to give their cats ample room to play and explore.

When buying online, it can be challenging to gauge the true size of an enclosure just by looking at photos. Therefore, it’s vital to carefully review the dimensions provided by the supplier. Use a tape measure to visualise the enclosure’s footprint in your yard, taking into account any obstacles or landscaping features.

This step helps prevent surprises and ensures the enclosure will fit as intended.

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Quality of the Enclosure

When buying a cat enclosure, it’s important to shop around for a high-quality model that will last a long time and effectively contain your cat. Investing in a durable enclosure ensures cat safety and provides peace of mind.

Here at Coops and Cages, we sell 2 styles of portable cat enclosures – the Manor Catio and the Oasis Catio. Both are designed with durability and quality in mind.

They feature UV-treated netting, which ensures they withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without deteriorating. Additionally, our netting is infused with stainless steel, adding extra strength and resilience. This infusion prevents wear and tear, ensuring the enclosure remains secure and intact even with active cats.

Ensuring Stability in High Winds

When creating an outside environment for your beloved cat, be cautious that portable cat enclosures can be lightweight.

High winds pose potential dangers as lighter structures could get tipped over or rolled, especially with your kitty inside them. There may be a greater risk if you place the enclosure in an exposed area or if you live in a very windy location.

Tips for ensuring the stability of a playpen include:

  1. Ground pegs : Anchor the enclosure firmly to the ground using tent pegs or stakes. This is great for enclosures on soft surfaces such as grass.
  2. Sandbags or Weights : For hard surfaces, add weights to the bottom. Sandbags, which are easy to find in gardening supply stores, are effective and affordable. Brick pavers or bags filled with rocks are another option.

Ian’s Wrap

Portable cat enclosures provide a safe outdoor space where your cat can enjoy sunshine and fresh air. They are a great option, compared to traditional enclosures, as they can be moved around your yard based on the weather and don’t cause damage to rental properties.

Netting is a good material for cat enclosures as it has good visibility and is easy to assemble. When choosing a cat enclosure, consider your cat’s preferences, the size of your yard and if the catio is long-lasting.

Portable enclosures are lightweight so it is a good idea to weigh them down.