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Ways to Keep Your Pet Birds Warm in Winter

Ways to Keep Your Pet Birds Warm in Winter-min

The winter weather may seem to be easy to prepare for. We just turn up the thermostat up to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and then, we’re good to go. However, it would be pretty nice and humane if we share a bit of that comfort to our pet birds. Whether you keep parrots as pets or […]

Bird Cage Accessories: Improving Caged Life


For humans, the house is more like a haven designed for relaxation and comfort. It is where they are able to find reasons to smile again after a long and stressful day at work. And for birds, the bird cage is the counterpart of the house. Here, they can also feel safety and security. However, […]

Fun Facts You Should Know About Parrots


When people talk about pets, they normally think about dogs and cats. Although these four-legged creatures are the most adorable and lovable, there are still lots of interesting animals out there that make excellent household companions, such as parrots. Among other animals in the animal kingdom that can be made pets, parrots are considered next […]

Useful and Vital Tips on Cleaning Bird Cages


Just like the setup process, cleaning bird cages is a daunting and tedious task. With so many areas and corners to scrub, it can be difficult for new bird owners to familiarize the process. Although birds can take good care of themselves, their cages don’t. And when not taken care of, they can easily get […]

Pet Birds that Would Be Liked by Your Kids

bird 1

Has your kid been bothering you lately to get him a pet bird? Well, that might be a little problem since birds and kids do not actually get along well together (but sometimes they do). We know that you want to make your kid behave by giving him what he wants – a pet bird, […]

Fun Facts About Canaries


Over the centuries, canaries are a popular bird species among bird enthusiasts. They have attractive yellow feathers, are great singers, and are naturally friendly – which are the very reasons why they are also great to keep as pets. Who wouldn’t be enticed to keep a pet canary? Your boring days would be gone as […]

Ultimate List of All Birds Breeds

11 Bird Chattering Lory2

If you are interested in raising birds at home, a good start would be knowing different Birds breeds and then looking for some suitable bird cages. The list below will definitely assist with ensuring that you have all of the relevant knowledge needed to make a decision about which bird would be right for you. […]