The Pros and Cons of Having Siberian Huskies as Pets

Siberian huskies, huskies as pets, dogs

For dog lovers, the Siberian husky is considered to be one of the most beautiful and best breed of dog.

They look like a majestic wolf with beautiful glacial blue eyes that will melt the hearts of people passing by who will see them.

It is love at first sight for most animal lovers seeing a Siberian husky in the flesh.

And most importantly, they look so joyful and so fluffy that it makes you want to hug them and pet them.

But just like other Arctic dog breeds that are big or small, owning a Siberian husky has its pros and cons.

Pros of Owning Siberian Huskies

These are the following traits that people see on a Siberian husky that draws them into wanting to own these marvelous dogs.

A Good-Natured Breed

The Siberian husky is a friendly and gentle breed of dog if taken care of properly. They are also very playful to whoever handles them.

They do not show suspicions on other people or even get aggressive with other dogs unless the other dog shows hostility. Siberian huskies are friendly to people and to other dogs.

 Siberian huskies are friendly to people and to other dogs.

Most of the time, they are also friendly with other pets like cats and birds or even your pet rodents. But it is advisable to supervise your dog when playing with other pets.

Playful and Dynamic

A Siberian husky has a lot of stamina which makes them a very active dog. They are very playful and also agile type of dog.

A Siberian husky enjoys being on the outside. They like to exercise which makes them a great companion if you like to do some hiking, running and even camping and biking.

Siberian huskies, huskies as pets, dogs

People who live in a place that snows all the time usually breeds Siberian huskies to have them as pet and also to pull their sleighs for easy travelling around the snow.

Clean and Odourless

Unlike other dog breeds that give a bad odor even after few days after giving them a good bath, a Siberian husky does not stink or give off a foul odor.

Huskies like to clean themselves and are always meticulous on caring for their coats. Some pet owners can say that that a Siberian husky is like a cat in cleaning and licking itself.

Convenient and Economical

One of the best advantage of having an Arctic breed, the husky as a pet is that they are originally bred to perform on a cold weather with minimal food in mind.

Siberian husky requires less food

While the Siberian husky requires less food, it is important to consider to give them all the food they can have with the proper nutritional value for them to be healthy and lively.

Independent and Free-Spirited

Sometimes an overly attached dog is annoying to have especially if you want some space for yourself.

A Siberian husky is not an overly attached type of dog. As long as the husky knows or feels that he is within your pack it is alright with them.

They are the type of breed that is overly friendly with just anybody

Some pet owners say that a Siberian husky is not a one-man dog that excels in loyalty.

They are the type of breed that is overly friendly with just anybody who approaches them.

Very Strikingly Appealing

This is one of the pros that people consider in owning a Siberian husky. They are very appealing and looks great.

They have a great coat, erect and pointy ears and a very fluffy tail that is irresistible to most people.

Don’t forget their gorgeous eyes. While other Ssiberian huskies have clear blue eyes, other huskies also have bi-color eyes which makes them more attractive than the usual clear blue eyed husky.

Cons of Owning a Siberian Husky

After reading all that wonderful things about the husky, let’s see if your soul will break after hearing the disadvantages of owning a Siberian husky.

Masters of Escape

The Siberian huskies are masters of escape. Untrained huskies will break out on even the smallest hole that they can squeeze into.

 The Siberian huskies are masters of escape

This usually happens if you leave your husky outside to play and they want to play and explore more further than your house.

A Siberian husky will find its way out, even if you keep them in their dog cages.

Strong Predatory Drive

Remember when i said to supervise your husky when play with other pets? This is because the Siberian husky has a strong predatory drive.

Some huskies have been reportedly killed other pets within the house. This is because of their instincts to hunt and their predatory drive.

In the wild, undomesticated Siberian huskies hunt small animals in order to survive.


While the Siberian husky has a lot of stamina that let them play and stay active all the time, this can be a disadvantage to some people especially if that person doesn’t want to go outside a lot and exercise.

A husky does not require a lot of space inside the house but they do need their daily walks and exercise which can be a let down to some people.

Heavy Shedding

Siberian huskies shed a lot of furs per year. They shed twice a year usually before summer and before winter. If cleaning shed furs is not your thing, then owning a Siberian husky is a big no for you.


Siberian huskies doesn’t bark a lot like other dogs, instead they howl.

Their howls can be fun to listen to but if you live in a place with a lot of neighbors then it is a big disadvantage for you.

You might get some noise complaints from your neighbors because of your dog’s howling.

Despite all these pros and cons, we think that Siberian huskies are nothing but adorable. Share you thoughts on these lovely creatures, too!

23 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Having Siberian Huskies as Pets

  1. Amanda says:

    I am currently looking for a husky puppy but have noticed SO many being re-homed. I was curious as to why? Any ideas or Information would be great. Thanks

    • Lisa says:

      A lot of people are drawn to the looks of a certain breed without doing the proper research to see if a particular breed is a good fit for them and their lifestyles. Huskies certainly are gorgeous and they are a fantastic companion – but you have to put in the work. They are diggers, jumpers, chewers, and escape artists. They can be trained but it does take a bit of work as they can be a tad on the stubborn side. They need a lot of exercise. If an owner is unable or unwilling to take them on at a minimum two thirty minute walks daily regardless of the weather, or have a large fenced in yard, it probably is not a good fit. They also shed – a lot. The whole they shed twice per year is not true – they shed ALL year but twice per year it’s like you could knit yourself another pet every day when they “blow” their undercoats. All of that said they are my favorite breed of dog – so beautiful and loving and funny – they have big personalities. Just like any breed or pet really, a person needs to do their homework and get a breed that fits with their lifestyle for a good fit for them as well as the dog.

    • Kerry A Norton says:

      Yes they have for baby husky comming in feb5.At mspca in boston.i reserved one he is beautiful!!! Call them in Jamaica plane

  2. Malcolm says:

    As a husky is a working dog, would a hound be a good companion and can Husky’s climatise to warm weather ( farm in central italy)

    • C says:

      I have them in southern USA, they shed more here. But as long as you keep your home cool, about 69f, they have a comfortable place to get away from the heat.

    • Jen says:

      My Husky just turned 3yrs old end of November… I couldnt imagine life without him now!!! Buuuut with that being said!!! When I first purchased him, he was about 15 weeks old & the first week I had him, I went into major depression watching his insane amount of shedding hair flying around my house while he destroyed everything in his path!!! (From eating my leather L shaped couch that was only a year old, to chewing on the cherry wood legs of my wing back chairs, throw blankets & the worst was eating the crouch out of my daughter & my undergarments..(which were clean ones btw)😅 & that’s even w/him having a huge fenced in yard to run in.. Not to mention the holes he dug to get into other side of fence to neighbors yards. & he is still yet to play nice with other dogs(especially male dogs/his own breed) But w/all that being said, hes caring/compassionate & means well. This breed of dog need to know hes not the There toys/treats/bedding/cage/etc is THERES & Will NOT share any of the above with another animal & there physiological inbalanced when the seasons change for a few weeks. There AMAZING DOGS & very interesting personalities to watch. If you have a lot of love/patiencs to give , best purchase ever!!! They are runners, ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ON A LEASH.. Dog park does wonders for them… atleast once a week even if you have fenced in yard. They love to to just run run run hard for a good 15 mins & then there worn out (for atleast few hours anyhoot)🤣

  3. Marty says:

    Amanda I recently got a husky that my daughter brought home one day. Love the dog but if you don’t have the energy or space for them it can be tough to own one.
    Any chance for them to run off they usually do.

  4. Kristopher Harris says:

    Love my husky she’s still under a year old just got her. I can certainly say she is full of energy all day long howls a lot and wants to be outside and go for walks all the time. She’s adorable and very gentle playful, I learned the hard way to be very careful before opening my front door she will dart out and just run around the neighborhood and see if as a game before finally returning to me.

  5. Maggie says:

    I have a dog called Key, he was a so lovely Siberian Husky when I cry he will always be nice to me, he makes crazy songs and crazy dreams 🤣

  6. Karen says:

    I just got a Husky one week ago from a gentleman that was in severe declining health. Never knew anything about Huskies but right now during this quarantine, I have been looking but had no luck with rescues or shelters. He will be 2 years in July and has acquired a lot of bad habits. I will continue to research this breed.

  7. vicki says:

    Huskies are very trainable. I have 2. 1 and a half and 10 months. They require training and the effort definitely pays off. Mine are stubborn, but very obedient and know their commands well. They are super sweet and loving. Yes, they chew, they dig, they escape. They are well worth it. They bring true joy and love to our family. If you don’t have the time to put into them, you don’t deserve to have one.

  8. melissa thacker says:

    I have 3 Siberian huskies. I agree that they need a lot of exercise, can be destructive if their needs aren’t met, do not like to be alone, are very freespirited, very intelligent, and not everyone should own 1 just because they are beautiful. When they view you as pack leader which takes a lot of time and work they are the most awesome dogs ever. They are family. Hope you like to vacuum!!!

  9. Lewis says:

    It is a good breed if you are an assertive person (not mean, there is a difference) and spend enough time exercising with them.

  10. Nobody says:

    I have two huskies and I love them a con is the noise i agree and a pro is that you never have to worry about them hurting other dogs unless they are guard dogs!

  11. Rishik Jain says:

    I love Siberian huskies!!!! I am definitely getting one. I think our house can handle the cons, we have a dream tech vacuum.
    I really recommend the dream vacuum by the way.

  12. Ronnie B says:

    I have a chocolate lab and it’s able colored Siberian husky they both are fantastic dogs I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

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