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Bill of Rights: The Rights of Every Pet Bird

Bill of Rights min

Birds are long kept as pets. For decades now, they have been traditionally made as companions by us, humans. Unfortunately, not everybody is able to meet their basic needs. And what’s sad is that the inherent nature of birds makes them easily adapt to whatever the condition, even if it is far from the most […]

8 Things You Can Do for Your Pets in 2017

8 Things You Can Do for Your Pets in 2017 min

Whenever we turn a new chapter in our lives, we often focus on getting a lot of things done. We make resolutions and promises that never really get completed. After a few days, we just forget about them. So this year, why not make a change? Instead of doing things for yourself, do something for […]

How to Protect Your Pets in the New Year

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Resolutions abound in the New Year, but as you are looking to fulfill them one at a time, don’t you ever forget about your pets. It’s going to be a new start for your cats and dogs, too. While they may not be aware of it, they will definitely benefit from a renewed beginning. To […]

Keep Your Pets Calm on New Year’s Day

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Another chapter of our lives is about to end. But then again, it only marks the beginning of a new one. In welcoming 2017, we usually celebrate with a huge feast. And of course, there’ll be fireworks. After all, it’s the New Year. However, as exciting as it may sound for us, all those noises […]

The 12 Dangers of Christmas for Pets

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Knowing that St. Nick has Rudolph and the other reindeer, it’s safe to assume he’s also a pet lover, right? So this Christmas day, he’d probably be unhappy to see any pets feeling sick and blue. We at Coops and Cages don’t want that to happen, too. Hence, we came up with a list of […]

10 Purrfect Christmas Gifts for Your Pets

10 Purrfect Christmas Gifts for Your Pets min 1

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity for us pet owners to get our fur babies a gift to show them they are also loved. Of course, we can get them a special treat or buy them a chew toy, but there are those things that could be useful and fun for both of you. While you […]

7 Pet Dangers to Look Out for This Halloween

pet dangers, Halloween

There’s no denying that the air is filled with so much horror and terror. While establishments are adorned with hair-raising ornaments, households are prepping tasty delights. And just when we thought that Halloween is a time for kids to enjoy, we often overlook the fact that there are potential dangers to our pets that may […]

10 Vital Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

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With Halloween just around the corner, we all get excited to dress up as zombies and ghosts to bring home a bagful of goodies. But let’s face it. Though it is festive and fun for us humans, it could be a nightmare for our beloved pets. Then again, you can help your furry pals steer […]

7 General Rules of Paws for a Dog Holiday

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Dogs make great travel companions. As a matter of fact, plenty of pooches achieved instant fame for travelling with their owners. A French poodle named Charley is one of them. However, while they seem to be easy to handle with, especially when going out for a dog holiday, having the right attitude and proper understanding […]