Top 10 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Top 10 Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs

There seems to be a never-ending debate over which pet is better: cats or dogs. Some people swear by the loyalty and companionship of dogs, while others find cats to be more independent and low-maintenance. Which side are you on?

While it is ultimately up to you to decide for yourself, we think cats come out on top!

Cats make great pets for all kinds of reasons, from their independent spirits to their playful demeanor. Here are the top ten reasons why cats are the best. 

1. Cats Are Independent

The top reason why cats are better than dogs is their independence. Unlike dogs and puppies, cats don’t need constant attention or human interaction and they are able to entertain themselves.

While some dog lovers may think this makes cats cold and unloving, it actually means that cats are happy to respect your personal space.

If you are busy or tired after a long day, cats won’t annoy their humans to go outside and play fetch. They will give you personal space.


A cat will still need your love and care but their minimal need for attention means owning them and being a cat lover is less draining and more enjoyable.

2. Cats Clean Themselves

A benefit of cats and kittens is that they are very low maintenance and do not need to be bathed.

Unlike dogs who need a wash every 6 weeks, cats are naturally clean creatures and fastidious groomers.

Cats clean their own fur by licking themselves. Their rough, sandpaper-like tongue works to give their coat a deep clean (rather than just spreading saliva around). This is also how mother cats clean their kittens.


Most cat breeds also don’t need their hair trimmed as their coat will stay naturally short.

Cats and kittens are usually able to keep their own nails trimmed by scratching them on hard surfaces such as trees, concrete or scratching posts.

However, some cat owners may prefer to regularly trim their cats nails to prevent themselves being scratched or damage to their furniture. Seek veterinary advice if you are unsure how to trim them correctly.

3. They Use A Litter Box

One huge benefit of cats is that they use a litter box. This makes cleaning up after them is simple as you just need to clean out one litter tray daily.

Kittens are naturally drawn to use a litter tray and will only need minimal potty training. They are also less likely to have accidents inside your house on the floor.


Puppies, on the other hand, require a lot more effort to toilet train. They then go in random places around your yard.

You will have to hunt down the dog poop and then pick it up using a plastic bag. Dog owners report they are also more prone to having accidents in your house.

4. A Cat Is Affordable

Cats are typically cheaper to purchase than dogs. This includes both purchasing kittens from breeders and adoption fees for adult cats from shelters or rescue groups. This is with the exception of a few rare or designer breeds.

Over their lifetime, cats are also cheaper to own than dogs. On average, dogs are bigger than cats, eat more food and therefore have higher food bills.

Cats eat less food and are also able to supplement their food intake by hunting rodents. This means cats have a smaller carbon footprint.


Dogs are more likely to destroy their toys and bedding, so they will need to be made from tougher material and replaced regularly. On the other hand, cat products are often smaller, lighter and therefore cheaper.

Dog owners will also need to buy a lot of items that cat owners won’t – crates, leashes, kennels and training classes. They also need to seek veterinary guidance more often, on average.

Because cats don’t need walks, you will never have to pay for dog walking. Plus cats can be left home alone for up to 24 hours, so you save money on pet sitters or boarding too.

5. Cats Help Get Rid Of Rodents

Cats may be the answer to your pest problems! Cats can easily take down small creatures such as mice and rats. This is thanks to their quick reflexes, quiet footsteps and natural desire to hunt.

In addition to being a nuisance, rodents can also carry diseases that can be harmful to humans. By keeping pests out of your home, cats can help you and your family stay healthy.


The only disadvantage of this service is that sometimes your cat may gift their prey to you. Although this seems unpleasant to us, it is actually your cats way of showing affection. Try to take it as a compliment!

6. They Provide You With Health Benefits

Cat lovers are reported to be healthier and have a longer life expectancy than those without cats. This is because cats help reduce stress.

Patting your cat can be a very therapeutic activity that has a positive effect on calming your nervous system. As a result, you are likely to have lower blood pressure and a lower chance of heart attack or stroke.

Scientists believe that the purr vibrations of cats and other animals can help with mild pain and joint mobility after an injury.

A pet cat is also less likely to physical injure you than a dog. Large dogs can knock older people or children over just by playfully jumping on them.


If your pet becomes aggressive, even mild dog bites from a medium sized dog can cause serious injury.

On the other hand, cats don’t pursue people to bite them. If you are bitten, cat bites are usually a gentle nip and unlikely to cause much harm.

Please note that both dog bites and cat bites can lead to infection so even small wounds should be monitored.

7. Cats Don’t Require Regular Walks

Another reason why cats are better than dogs is that you don’t have to walk them everyday. This will save you a lot of time.

You can sleep in for an hour in the morning rather than waking up early to walk your dogs outside in the cold.


Most cats get all their required exercise from their natural activities – running around the house, climbing trees and walking along fences.

An indoor cat will naturally get less daily exercise than an outdoor cat. However, cat people can help them out by buying them a tall scratching tower to climb or interactive toys to play with.

8. They Don’t Make Too Much Noise

Another reason why cats are better than dogs is that they are quieter.

Dogs bark loudly. And often at nothing important, such as someone at the front door or a car driving past.

Dogs are also prone to separation anxiety and can bark non-stop when left alone for long periods. This can be annoying for both you and your neighbours.


Cats are better pets as they don’t meow too often. When they do, it is quiet. Your neighbours won’t be able to hear them from the next house over!

Cats are also silent as they move throughout your home, with their light footsteps. Alternatively, you will definitely be able to hear a large dogs running down your hallway!

9. Cats Are Happy Being Contained

Another huge benefit of cats is that they are happy living contained and need less space than a dog.

They are content as long as they have space to play and for their litter, food and water bowls, and toys.

Cats can live either in an outdoor cat enclosure or inside your house. They are suitable for a small space such as an apartment.

Containing your cats keeps them safe and helps them live longer. House cats or cats that live inside enclosures are protected from predators, fights with other cats, being lost or stolen, and traffic.

This contained space also minimises their exposure to harmful fleas and ticks.


This gives you peace of mind knowing where your kitty is at all times and that they are safe.

It also helps to protect native birds and wildlife from being injured by your cat.

In comparison, dogs contained to a smaller area (such as apartment or small backyard) will need to be walked outside or taken to the dog park to exercise daily. This can be very time consuming and tiring for you.

10. They Are Fun To Have Around

The final reason cats are better than dogs is that cats are so interesting to be around!

Cat people cannot get enough of their playful nature, higher intelligence and curious attitude.

Most cats are easily entertained and it is fun watching them play, explore and learn. Cats will bring you lots of laughs and entertainment.


You can make cheap and easy DIY toys out of recycled materials, including toilet paper rolls, leftover fabric torn up into ribbons, or even a feather tied onto some fishing line.

Simple things like this will make your cat happy and help you bond as you play together.

Put a mirror in front of your cat to watch them react. Or give them a cardboard box and watch them create a fortress. Their funny reactions to simple things makes them so easy to love!

Dog People

On a final note for dog lovers, we also believe that dogs and puppies make great companions too!

Owning dogs has many benefits. They love cuddles, are loyal and bond very strongly with their owners.


Dogs are also easier to train. You can teach them to walk on a lead, come when they are called and do tricks.

They can also be trained to work as therapy dogs, guide dogs, or sniffer dogs for the police force.

Some dog people use them to protect their family or their home from intruders. Do you think your cat is going to scare away a burglar?

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

  1. VeeVanny says:

    Well, my dog barely bark, she potty trained since 7 weeks old, she could do so many commands since 2 months old and she clean herself so often. Sure she needs walks, but one thing i’m sure is her pee and poo never stink like cat. Cat will annoyed you in the night, they’re scratched furnitures even you gave a post with catnip, they bring a dead mouse or bird (yikes) as present, they will rubbing their body to your leg everytimes after clean their butt and the most important thing is : cat is the only one vector for toxoplasma gondii. No cats no toxoplasmosis. I still have 2 cats now, but they only belongs to my frontyard so they could hunt whenever they want – unlike my dog who belongs inside the house and sleeping with me on my bed.

  2. Willow Blackwell says:

    For a lifelong cat and dog breeder like me, having a dog is better than a cat, in my personal opinion. After many years of breeding, I find dogs to be smarter, more approachable, and easier to train than cats. Last year when I was playing in the yard with my cat and dog, a mouse appeared and I got scared, at that moment my dog ​​ran out and tried to protect me, I really did. I feel like he treats me like his family. That’s why I love dogs so much.

  3. meow meow😻 says:

    I think cats are better because a dog loves you no matter what. this may seem like a good thing but its actually not because even if you push the dog away over and over it still loves you. to prove my theory a dog came over to my house and since i dont like dogs i kept ignoring it but it still came over to me! when i first saw a cat, it was a little unsure at first, but now it loves me a lot! a catslove is genuine and not a formality like a dog’s love

  4. meow meow😻 says:

    cats are better than dogs because dogs love you no matter what. this may seem like a good thing but its actuallly not because once a dog came over to my house and even though i kept on pushing it away and ignoring it, it still came and started wagging its tail! cat’s love is genuine, and not a formality like a dog’s love. and the whole thing has got me wondering if dogs just love people because they were born that way. and in my religion, dogs are evil so haha:)

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