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A chicken coop is vital if you are planning to raise chickens in your backyard. That is because it will serve as a shelter for your birds against potential threats like the weather and predators. Coops and Cages boasts a number of chicken coops at very reasonable prices.


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Protect Your Poultry

Raising chickens in your backyard may provide lots of perks – fresh eggs, entertainment, organic food, and a healthy and lively backyard. But then again, it also means exerting extra effort. Not only will you be feeding your chickens, you also have to protect them from any potential danger.

Although there are many ways to do that, the most recommended and proven method to keep them safe is by purchasing a secure chicken coop.

Take note that at any time, your flock is at risk to potential predators. Therefore, their safety is something that should never be taken for granted. And in order to offer unparalleled level of protection, whenever or wherever you are, you need to have a chicken coop.

There are two ways to obtain a chicken coop. First is to build one on your own and second is to buy from a top chicken coop supplier like Coops and Cages.

Well, both options have their advantages. But if you’re a busy person and is already exhausted with work and other daily activities, the latter option is indeed the most convenient.

Do I Really Need A Coop?

Yes, if you have chickens then you need to provide them with a coop!

A chicken coop offers the following advantages:

Chicken Enclosure With Good Air Ventilation
Spacious Chicken Tractors In Backyard


Your chickens need protection against predators, such as snakes, foxes, and cats. Without an adequate shelter, these animals can hurt them or worse, kill them, which could be very costly for your part. If your coop is securely closed at night, you can ensure your birds are free from these possible threats.


Chickens need to be comfortable when they eat, sleep, and run around. They need to have a cozy place to roost, to lay eggs, and scratch around in the dirt. So by having a properly designed coop, your flock’s comfort is guaranteed all-day long.

Protection against the Weather

We all know that Australia experiences harsh weather conditions. So with a weather-resistant chicken coop, your birds will stay warm even on a cold winter night.

Easy Access and Protection of the Eggs

A secure coop will protect both your hens and their eggs from hungry predators. Also consider accessibility – you want to be able to easily collect the eggs each day. Look for a coop that has a nesting box with opening lid.


The Advantages of Buying a Ready-Made Coop from Us

You may be considering designing and building your own DIY chicken coop.  However, buying a flatpack coop has many advantages:


With online pet supply stores like Coops and Cages, it’s easy for you to choose a coop, regardless of where you are, and place an order. Simply pick a product you want, pay for it, and then wait for it to be delivered straight to your doorstep. Buying online saves you time and effort!

Right Materials

The satisfaction of our customers and the comfort of their pets are our top priority. So when you order a chook pen from a trusted store like us, we make sure you aren’t disappointed. Our customers know that our products can withstand the test of time, as well as different weather conditions.

Perfected Design

The design of your chicken coop can affect both the comfort of your flock and convenience for you. At Coops and Cages, we make sure our products undergo testing before distribution. If there are any issues identified later on, we redesign the coop to work better.

Wide Chicken Tractors In Backyard
Triangle Chicken Runs

Why Choose Coops and Cages for Your Chicken Coops?

Coops and Cages supplies the best chook enclosures in Australia. If you decide to purchase a chicken coop from us, we can guarantee you that it is of excellent quality. Here are more ways we go above and beyond:

Competitive Pricing

Compare us to pet shops and you will find our prices are very competitive! We give you better value for money by ensuring that the enclosures you order from us will last for a longer period of time.

Customer Service

We value our customers more than anything else. For any product support, we are willing to go the extra mile for your satisfaction. Ask our friendly customer support team today!

Hens Inside Runs
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Unfortunately, sometimes things get damaged in transit. We will replace any parts damaged in transit free of charge. Please advise your order details and email within 14 days of receiving your order. For more details, you can refer to our terms and conditions.

Variety of Products

Coops and Cages offers a wide selection of chicken enclosures and chicken coop designs to choose from. We also offer enclosures and other products suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds.

With our variety of chicken coops for sale, choosing the perfect size chicken coops won’t be a tough decision to make. For more inquiries about our chook pens, contact us anytime!

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Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful chicken owners!

Great Buy

"I did not have any problems in putting the coop together. It is also very cheap with Free shipping and customer support answers enquiries so quick. Great buy."

Excellent Coops

"A great product and well priced - I have seen it elsewhere and more then double Coops & Cages cost. Excellent for my back yard hens during the day. "

Great Purchase

"It’s a great purchase and best of all I was able to easily assemble it with the help of their staff and easy assembly guide."

Plenty of Room!

"I have 2 chooks and this coop is ideal for them. plenty of room to play and move around, easy to assemble. Definitely worth the money!

Couldn't be Happier

"Couldn't be happier with this enclosure. We have fit 5 non-laying chickens in here perfectly, thanks again for your help and support"

No Trouble Assembling

"My husband and I had no trouble in assembling it. It has plenty of room for our 3 chickens, I couldn't be happier. I would recommend buying it.


If there are any questions that you have about our products, services, postage times or putting the enclosures together. We have a strict 24 hour email response policy, this fast rate of response should assist your decisions.


Customer Support

At Coops and Cages, we take customer service very seriously, so if you have any questions or worries, call us or e-mail us with any questions, or to place an order.

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