Ultimate List of All Dog Breeds

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If you are considering getting a purebred dog, you may want to consider any of the below breeds. Our team has extensive experience with dog kennels, puppy information and dog training that we write about through-out the entire blog.

Afghan Hound

1-Dog-Afghan-Hound_miniCommon Breed Names: Tazi Spay, Sag-e Tazi
Alternative Breed Names: Kuchi Hound, Tazi, Barutzy Hound, Baluchi Hound, Shalgar Hound, Galanday Hound, Kabul Hound, African Hound
Afghan Hounds are among the oldest dog breeds in the world. They came from Afghanistan’s cold mountains, hence their thick, silky, fine coat and a curly tail. They stand at 24-29 inches and weigh around 45-60 pounds. They have a coat of various colours, although pure breeds don’t have white markings. These dogs also have a black facial mask, high hipbones, a short-haired saddle, and a long topknot. They are aloof, but happy when at play. They are predators, agile and make good companions.

Akita (Japanese)

2-Dog-Akita_miniCommon Breed Names: Akita
Alternative Breed Names: Akita Ken, Japanese Akita, Great Japanese Dog,
Akita is a dog breed that was developed in Japan. Akitas are powerful, well-proportioned, and solid. They are muscular and strong with a short muzzle, deep, broad chest, a heavy head, and a level back. They have small and erect ears, dark brown eyes, broad, and black nose, black lips, and pink tongue. Akitas are fearless, docile, and smart. They are also affectionate and born pack leaders.

Australian Cattle Dog

3-Dog-Australian-Cattle-Dog_miniCommon Breed Names: Cattle Dog
Alternative Breed Names: ACD, Blue Heeler, Queensland Heeler, Red Heeler
Australian Cattle Dogs originated in Australia in the 19th century. They are herding dogs that are muscular, sturdy, and compact. Their body is longer than their tail. Their front legs are strong, straight, and have a round bone. They have short toes and round feet. The Cattle Dogs’ skill is slightly curved and broad between the ears. They have dark brown eyes, a black nose, and scissor-bite teeth. They are brave, loyal, and hardworking. They have to exercise to avoid behavioural issues.

Australian Shepherd

4-Dog-Australian-Shepherd_miniCommon Breed Names: Aussie
Alternative Breed Names: Little Blue Dog
Australian Shepherds originated in the western US. They usually stand at 17-26 inches and weigh around 30-65 pounds. Their coat colours include blue Merle, red, black, and red Merle and of medium texture. They have short hairs outside of the ears, on the head, below the hocks, and in front of the forelegs. Aussies also have a bobtail, a deep chest, straight front legs, oval feet, and blue, brown or amber eyes. They are easy-going, courageous, and make good watchdogs.

Australian Terrier

5-Dog-Australian-Terrier_miniCommon Breed Names: Australian Terrier
Alternative Breed Names: Aussie
Australian Terriers originated in Australia. They weigh around 14 pounds and are 9.8 inches tall. They are short-legged dogs with V-shaped ears, a long head, and dark brown eyes. They have an inverted V-shaped, black nose, small feet, deep chest, and black nails. Australian Terriers have a waterproof double coat, usually around 2-3 inches long. They are tough, courageous, and a little cheeky. Their intelligence makes them good companions.


6-Dog-Beagle_miniCommon Breed Names: Beagle
Alternative Breed Names: English Beagle
Beagles originated in the UK. They are small to medium-sized breeds. Snoopy may be the most famous beagle in the world. Beagles are scent hounds so they are often used to track game. They are squarely built with a slightly domed, long skull. They also have a square muzzle, hazel or brown eyes, pendant ears, and a black nose. Their coat is medium length, hence low maintenance. They have a loving, sweet, and gentle nature. They are also happy dogs with a wagging tail. These dogs are good with fellow dogs and children.

Bearded Collie

7-Dog-Bearded-Collie_miniCommon Breed Names: Bearded Collie
Alternative Breed Names: Mountain Collie, Highland Collie, Argle Bargle, Hairy Mou’ed Collie, Beardie
Bearded Collies are of Scottish origin. They are strong working dogs of medium size. They have a large, flat and broad head, a long body, and a short but full muzzle. Their ears sit close to the head. Their nose is square, large, and black. Their eyes are of the same colour as their coat. Bearded Collies have large teeth with a scissors bite. Their shaggy double coat is waterproof and changes several times before maturity. They are cheerful, playful, and affectionate, making them good companions for children.


8-Dog-Bloodhound_miniCommon Breed Names: Bloodhound
Alternative Breed Names: St. Hubert Hound, Chien de Saint-Hubert, Sleuth Hound
Bloodhounds were believed to have originated in Belgium/France or England/Scotland. They are large scent hounds originally raised for hunting, game and tracking people. They have drooping ears and a lot of wrinkle skin hanging loose, especially around the head and neck. These folds of their skin actually aid them in holding the scent particles in. Bloodhounds are patient, kind, mild-mannered, and affectionate. They are especially good with children.

Boston Terrier

9-Dog-Boston-Terrier_miniCommon Breed Names: Boston Terrier
Alternative Breed Names: Bull, Boxwood, Boston Bull Terrier, American Gentlemen
Boston Terriers were developed in the US. They are compact, well-proportioned with a short muzzle, docked tails, and erect ears. They also have a well defined stop, a black nose, large round eyes, and a short coat with fine texture. They are gentle, well-mannered, intelligent, alert, and enthusiastic. They are also highly sensitive to the tone of people’s voices. Boston Terriers are good companions to children and old people.

Canadian Eskimo Dog

10-Dog-Canadian-Eskimo-Dog_miniCommon Breed Names: Canadian Inuit Dog
Alternative Breed Names: Qimmiq, Kingmik, C. Familiaris borealis, Inuit Dog
Canadian Eskimo Dogs originated in Canada. They are among the oldest and purebreds that were developed domestically. They are a sturdy breed with a strong body, a broad chest, thick neck, and thickly muscled legs. These dogs also have a thick and a waterproofed double coat. Canadian Eskimo Dogs are gentle, hardworking, and active. They make good companions, especially when they are being submissive and playful.


11-Dog-Chihuahua_miniCommon Breed Names: Chihuahua
Alternative Breed Names: N/A
Chihuahuas are the smallest dogs in the world. They were developed in Chihuahua, Mexico. Their body is longer than their tail. They have a short and pointed muzzle with a well-defined stop. These dogs also have large eyes that are set far apart, large, erect ears, and a “Molera,” a soft spot on their head that only hardens upon maturity. Chihuahuas are lively, courageous, proud, and affectionate. They grow loyal and attached to their owners, making them good companions.

Chow Chow

12-Dog-Chow-Chow_miniCommon Breed Names: Chow Chow
Alternative Breed Names: Chow, Chowdren, Songshi Quan
Chow Chows were developed in China. They are the models for the Foo dog, which are the traditional stone guardians found in the opening of Buddhist temples and palaces. They are unique with their almost straight hind legs and blue-black tongue. They also have a large head, a flat skull, and a broad and deep muzzle. Chow Chows also have a black nose with large nostrils, erect ears, almond-shaped eyes, and dense furry coat, which can be smooth or rough. They are good with children and even with cats they grew up with.


13-Dog-Dachshund_miniCommon Breed Names: Dachshund
Alternative Breed Names: Teckel, Dash It Hound, Sausage Dog, Worshond, Weenie Dog, Tekkel Doxie, Sosis, Bassotto, Taksis, Perro Salchica
Dachshunds were developed in Germany. They are short-legged dogs categorised under the hound family. They have a long body, muscular legs, an elongated head, and a convex skull. They have brown-black or dark red eyes, ears that droop onto their cheeks, and non-pendent lips. They are brave, affectionate, curious, and amusing. Dachshunds might be hard to train but they do travel well.


14-Dog-Dalmatian_miniCommon Breed Names: Dalmatian
Alternative Breed Names: Carriage Dog, Plum Pudding Dog, Spotted Coach Dog, Firehouse Dog
Dalmatians originated in Croatia, particularly in the region of Dalmatia. They are large, muscular dogs with eyes that are blue, brown or a combination of both and fine, dense coat. Their coat has black or brown spots, which are popular in the show ring, although there are dogs with dark blue, lemon, brindled, tricoloured, sable, or solid white spots. The more defined the markings are, the more prized the dog is in the show ring. They are energetic, playful, happy, and devoted.

Doberman Pinscher

15-Dog-Doberman-Pinscher_miniCommon Breed Names: Doberman
Alternative Breed Names: Dobie, Dobermann, Dobynm
Doberman Pinscher were developed in Germany. They are among the common breeds and are known for being alert, intelligent, and loyal. They are of medium size with a muscular body, erect ears, nose of the colour of their coat, and hard, thick coat. Their coats may be coloured black, blue-grey, black with tan markings, white, red, and fawn. Dobermans are energetic, keen, and strong. They are sociable and do not bear confinement well. They are also affectionate, skilled, and versatile.

English Setter

16-Dog-English-Setter_miniCommon Breed Names: Setter
Alternative Breed Names: Lawerack, Laverack, Llewellin
English Setters originated in England. They are long and lean with large, dark brown eyes, deep chest, and a flat, wavy and silky coat. They have feathering on the back of the legs, tail, abdomen, underside, ears, and chest. Their coat may be blue, orange, lemon, brown or orange markings. English Setters are quiet and quick dogs with a nose that works effectively. They are calm, gentle, and friendly, which make them good pets.

Field Spaniel

17-Dog-Field-Spaniel_miniCommon Breed Names: Field Spaniel
Alternative Breed Names: Field
Field Spaniels were developed in England. They are medium sized dogs with large nose of the same colour as their coat, a strong and muscular neck, medium-length ears that hang close to their head, and a low hanging tail. Their coat is usually coloured black or any of the shades of liver, with or without speckles or tan markings. Field Spaniels are active, independent, affectionate, and playful. They love to roam.

German Spitz

18-Dog-German-Spitz_miniCommon Breed Names: German Spitz
Alternative Breed Names: Deutscher Spitz
German Spitzes originated in Germany. They look the same but are of different colours, such as black, white-ish, or gold/cream. They also differ in size – standard, small and dwarf. They have a double coat, a curled tail, triangular ears, and wolf-like head. German Spitzes are among the oldest Central European breeds. Their ancestors were developed in the Stone Age.


19-Dog-Havanese_miniCommon Breed Names: Havanese
Alternative Breed Names: Bichon Havanais, Havanese Cuban Bichon, Bichon Habanero, Havaneser, Havanezer, Bichon Havanes
Havanese are toy dogs that are small yet sturdy. They originated in the Western Mediterranean region. They have a long, silky hair that covers their long tail and dark eyes. They are double coated with soft hair on the undercoat and an outer coat. Havanese dogs are found in colours gold, white, cream, blue, silver, and black, although some are tricoloured or particoloured. They are responsive, gentle, and good companions. They are sociable, playful, and affectionate too.

Irish Setter

20-Dog-Irish-Setter_miniCommon Breed Names: Irish Setter
Alternative Breed Names: Red Setter, Irish Red Setter
Irish Setters were developed in Ireland. They are mostly kept as family dogs or gundogs. They have moderately long red or chestnut coat that is high maintenance for a mat-free fur. They also have triangular ears that are set low, and a long tail. They are intelligent, loving, energetic, but they may be difficult to manage and become destructive if they don’t get enough exercise.

Jack Russell Terrier

21-Dog-Jack-Russell-Terrier_miniCommon Breed Names: Jack Russell Terrier
Alternative Breed Names: JRT, Jack
Jack Russell Terriers are of English origin. They are sturdy, broad, and tough with V-shaped, drop ears, white coat with tan and/or black markings, a defined stop, and almond-shaped dark eyes. They may have longer hair on their face or tail. They are cheerful, loving, and devoted. They are also fearless, obedient, amusing, and intelligent. They have strong hunting instincts so exercise is a must.


22-Dog-Keeshond_miniCommon Breed Names: Keeshond
Alternative Breed Names: Dutch Barge Dog, German Spitz, Smiling Dutchman, Wolfspitz, Chien Loup, Deutscher Wolfspitz
Keeshonden are medium-sized dogs with a two-layer coat, a curled tail, and a black fur. They have erect ears, well-rounded and compact feet, and a long, straight, grey outer coat with black tips. They also have a thick, downy undercoat that may be pale grey or cream. They are active, outgoing, intelligent, and good companions for children. They are also friendly and affectionate.


23-Dog-Kuvasz_miniCommon Breed Names: Kuvaszok
Alternative Breed Names: Hungarian Kuvasz
Kuvasz dogs are of Hungarian origin. They are flock guardians with thick V-shaped ears, black lips, brown almond-shaped eyes, and a low hanging tail that is not docked. They also have well padded feet and a thick maned chest. Their hair is long and wavy at around 4-6 inches. Kuvasz’ double coat may be ivory or white and their skin is pigmented. These dogs are intelligent and good family members for those who know how to lead and train them. They are also good livestock guardians with strong protective instincts.

Labrador Retriever

24-Dog-Labrador-Retriever_miniCommon Breed Names: Labrador
Alternative Breed Names: Lab, Labradour
Labrador Retrievers are of Canadian origin. They have a double coat that may be coloured yellow, solid back, or chocolate. They have a thick nose that fades in colour. Their body is longer than it is tall. Their eyes could be brown in black and yellow dogs and brown in chocolate-coloured dogs. Labradors are loyal, patient, affectionate, and loving. They are popular as service dogs and love to be led by their owners.


25-Dog-Leonberger_miniCommon Breed Names: Leonberger
Alternative Breed Names: Gentle Lion, Leo, Gentle Giant
Leonbergers are big dogs that originated in Leonberg, a city in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. They have a black mask that reaches up to or above the eyes, a black nose with well-defined nostrils, and black lips. They also have a double coat that is long and water-resistant. It may be coloured red-brown, red, cream, sand, pale yellow or a combination of any of these colours. White hairs may be found on the chest and toes. Leonbergers are brave, lively, intelligent, and affectionate. They don’t like harsh trainings.


26-Dog-Maltese_miniCommon Breed Names: Maltese
Alternative Breed Names: N/A
Maltese is categorised under toy group. They originated in the Central Mediterranean region, specifically in Malta. They have a single layer coat that may either be light ivory or white. When groomed, it hangs flat on the sides of the body, almost touching the ground. Maltese dogs are lively, playful, devoted, trusting, and loving. They are good companion dogs that act quickly to any alarming sound. They also love to play outdoors.

Old English Sheepdog

27-Dog-Old-English-Sheepdog_miniCommon Breed Names: Old English Sheepdog
Alternative Breed Names: OES, Shepherd’s Dog
Old English Sheepdogs are of English origin. They are characterised for their very long coat that covers their eyes and face. Their ears lay flat close to their head. They have a docked tail, although tailed dogs of this breed are already common. Old English Sheepdogs have a double coat with a water resistant undercoat. They are happy-go-lucky, loyal, intelligent, protective, and love children. However, they need a firm leader for owners to make them follow a command.


28-Dog-Pekingese_miniCommon Breed Names: Pekingese
Alternative Breed Names: Lion-dog, Pekingese Lion-dog, Pelchie Dog, Chinese Spaniel, Peking Palasthund, Peke
The Pekingese is of Chinese origin. They look like Chinese guardian lions, hence the name Lion-Dogs. They are characterised by their large eyes and a flat face. They look muscular with bowed legs that restrict their movement. Pekingese dogs also have a distinct rolling gait. The most popular coats are sable, red, and gold. They are sensitive, extremely affectionate, independent, and great companions. They need good leaders to prevent negative behaviours.


29-Dog-Poodle_miniCommon Breed Names: Poodle
Alternative Breed Names: Pudle, Barbone, Caniche
Poodles were bred in Germany, but standardised in France. They are popular in conformation shows. They are well proportioned and squarely built with ears folded close to the head and set a little below eye level. Poodles also have naturally curly, thick hair. They are found in a variety of colours, although they can be particoloured or solid-coloured. Poodles are keen, energetic, and mischievous.


30-Dog-Rottweiler_miniCommon Breed Names: Rottweiler
Alternative Breed Names: Rottie, Rott
Rottweilers are of German origin. They are of medium to large size and were originally known as cart-pulling and livestock herding breeds. Their lips and gums are black. They have well defined zygomatic arches. Their ears are triangular, set wide apart, and are high up on the head. Their tail is naturally docked and they trot. Rottweilers have an undercoat and outer coat, which are low maintenance. They are devoted, obedient, fearless, steady, and eager to work. They are also powerful with great guarding instincts.

Shih Tzu

31-Dog-Shih-Tzu_miniCommon Breed Names: Shih Tzu
Alternative Breed Names: Chinese Lion Dog, Chrysanthemum Dog
Shih Tzus originated in China. They are small with large dark eyes and a short muzzle. They are also known for their long double coat that is soft in texture and requires regular grooming. Their drop ears have a long fur and their equally furry tail is curled. Shih Tzus also have an arrogant carriage. Their temperament varies, but they are generally affectionate, loyal, outgoing, and alert. They are not very good watch dogs because they might get close to strangers.

Siberian Husky

32-Dog-Siberian-Husky_miniCommon Breed Names: Siberian Husky
Alternative Breed Names: Chucksha, Chuckcha, Husky, Sibe, Icee
Siberian Huskies are working dogs of Siberian or Russian origin. They are characterised for their coat that is thicker than most breeds composed of a longer topcoat made of straight and short guard hairs and a thick undercoat. Their eyes are coloured brown, amber, dark-blue or ice-blue. They have heavily furred tails to add warmth over their nose and faces. Huskies howl instead of bark. They are social, docile, affectionate, and relaxed, although they are extremely energetic. They are not good watchdogs because of their friendliness with anyone.

St. Bernard

33-Dog-St.-Bernard_miniCommon Breed Names: St. Bernard
Alternative Breed Names: St. Bernardshund, Alpine Mastiff, Bernhardiner
St. Bernard dogs were developed in Switzerland or Italy. They are very large working dogs that are popular for alpine rescues. They have a rough coat that is dense but flat or a smooth coat that lies close and flat to the body. Their coat may be either mahogany with some white hairs or fully white. However, black markings may be found on their ears and face. These dogs also have a long and heavy tail and hanging low eyes. St. Bernard dogs have to be trained to be social while young to prevent territoriality or fearfulness. They are loyal and affectionate, although their large size may easily knock children down.

Spinone Italiano

34-Dog-Spinone-Italiano_miniCommon Breed Names: Spinone
Alternative Breed Names: Italian Griffon, Italian Spinone, Italian Wire-haired Pointer, Italian Coarsehaired Pointer
The Spinone Italiano is of Italian origin. It used to be a breed famous for being gun dogs. These dogs are large and rugged with a thick and dense wiry coat. Their coat colours may be white, solid white, orange roan, or orange with or without orange markings, brown roan with or without brown markings, white with brown markings. They are strong, making them good hunt dogs. They are also happy, easy-going, and not bossy.

Welsh Corgi

35-Dog-Welsh-Corgi_miniCommon Breed Names: Welsh Corgi
Alternative Breed Names: Corgi
Welsh Corgi is of Welsh origin. There are two breeds – Pembroke and Cardigan. Cardigans are larger with more varied colours of their coat instead of white. They are double coated with a slightly harsh texture. Pembrokes are smaller with pointed ears. They are intelligent, sturdy, and strong with a short tail and a fox-like head. Corgis are energetic and active. They are eager to please and need regular exercise. They are good alarm dogs because of their vocal attitude.

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  1. jack russells and cats living together says:

    Originally bred to become hunting companions, today
    the Jack Russell terrier still showcases some hunting traits, including running,
    barking, casing, digging, and occasionally even aggression.
    And still, others combine positive reinforcement and the use of training
    tools inside hopes of getting of a well behaved furry friend.
    Another little bit of advice is always to refrain from chasing your pet if he starts to
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