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10 Vital Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

pet safety

With Halloween just around the corner, we all get excited to dress up as zombies and ghosts to bring home a bagful of goodies. But let’s face it. Though it is festive and fun for us humans, it could be a nightmare for our beloved pets. Then again, you can help your furry pals steer […]

10 Summer Care Tips for Your Pet Cats

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In Australia, the weather could get very unbearable and agonizing, especially when the temperature rises to 35 degrees. That is why air conditioners are considered essential in most households and cold drinks become excellent solutions to quench thirst. But then again, we also have to remember our furry pals who struggle to keep themselves cool, […]

A Guide to Choosing a Cat Scratching Post

A Guide to Choosing a Cat Scratching Post

Choosing the ‘purrfect’ cat scratching post for your feline pal can be very frustrating and tedious at the same time. More often than not, you end up purchasing several models before you are able to convince him to scratch it instead of your couch. But that doesn’t have to be the case all the time. […]

Cat Care Tips to Consider This Spring

Cat Care Tips to Consider This Spring-min

Your pet cat is no different than anyone else in the family. When it comes to seasons, he is probably most excited to see all the snow melting away. He even anticipates the days when it’ll be sunny and warm outside. Perhaps you know what season I’m talking about – spring. While this might be […]

8 Symptoms of Cat Illness You Must Know

8 Symptoms of Cat Illness You Must Know

Many cat owners can’t detect whether or not their feline friends are sick. Well, we can’t blame them. After all, cats can’t speak about what they’re feeling. And if you think that’s already a problem, the situation becomes even more complex because these kitties know how to hide the symptoms. As a result, signs of […]

Foods That Are Considered Toxic to Cats

Foods That Are Considered Toxic to CATS

If you see your cat looking at you with those big round eyes, begging for the food you are about to eat, would you say ‘no’? Of course, we can understand if you don’t. We know that it’s hard to resist not letting them taste the sumptuous treat were feasting in. However, while we all […]

Have You Ever Wondered Why Cats Meow?

Have You Ever Wondered Why Cats Meow_-min

If you have spent the rest of your lives with cats, you have probably known the answer already. After all, you couldn’t resist not wanting to know what your feline friends think whenever they meow at your face at night or even when you’re watching the television. According to experts, cats can produce at least […]

How to Train Your Cat to Do Awesome Things

Many owners think that ‘punishing’ is a way of ‘disciplining’ cats or teaching them to do things accordingly. But truth be told, it is actually a way of introducing stress, which eventually leads to various behavioural and health issues. Well, I can understand that you just want to train your cat. However, I tell you […]

9 Cat-Friendly Places You Should Go

9 Cat-Friendly Places You Should Go-feature

Everybody in the universe is definitely so into cats. These creatures are just so adorable, sitting in their cat enclosures or ontop of their cat scratching posts staying classy as possible in front of spectators. But then again, they can’t always please the crowd because of their odd scratching behaviours. Even so, it can be fixed […]

Keep Your Indoor Cats Happy with These Tips

Keep Your INDOOR CATS Happy with These Tips

With the temperature dropping outside, your indoor cats might not be able to see the light of the day. As a result, they might get bored and end up scratching your furniture pieces. But then again, this shouldn’t be an issue because we have the perfect solution waiting for you below. Moving forward, providing toys […]