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What to Do If Your Pet Seems Poisoned

pet poisoning, cats, dogs

Even if you take so much caution to ensure your pet stays in good shape, you can’t predict what may happen. Like humans, he might encounter happenings that may put his life to risk. One concrete example is poisoning. If you think your pet is poisoned, take action right away. Your every action counts. Then […]

Flea Control Tips for Your Cats and Dogs

flea control tips, pet care

We all have guests who enjoy outstaying their welcome. But for the case of our pets, these guests are causing extreme discomfort. You know who these guests are? Fleas and ticks. These parasites stick themselves to the bodies of your cats and dogs, sucking their blood. While fleas are very disturbing for us humans, they […]

3 Useful Tips on Naming Your Pets

naming your pets, pets

Giving your pets a name is one of the biggest decisions you should make as an owner. That is because it is something that will last a lifetime; it is something that will be used over and over again. Then again, choosing your pet’s name doesn’t have to be tedious. Rather, it should be fun […]

5 Pet-Friendly Lenten Season Resolutions

pet care, pet-friendly resolutions, Lenten season

When the Lenten season begins, we often decide to give up something, even if it means the whole world to them. It could be something we are used to having all the time or something that has a special spot in our hearts. Whether you do it in observance of Lent or just because you […]

10 Helpful Advice for New Pet Cat Owners

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Cats make excellent pets. Not only do they appear cute; they also make excellent companions. But then again, there is more to owning a pet cat than having a fluffy companion. So, if you are new to this whole pet ownership thing, there are several points to keep in mind. We’ve listed 10 of them […]

How Pets Make Life Better This Year of the Fire Rooster

pet care, pets, year of the fire rooster

As a pet lover, there’s no denying that our fur babies bring a whole new level of happiness in our lives. Although there are instances when times get rough, they just manage to wake us up to a smiling face. So, for those of you who still don’t have a furry pal, you will be […]

10 Common Health Problems in Pet Cats

health problems in pet cats, pet cats

Your pet cats may look in good condition, but they actually need your help to stay in perfect shape. That means regular checkups and shots are needed to keep illnesses at bay. Then again, by familiarizing the common health problems in felines, you will be able to identify early signs and get them treated accordingly. […]

Effective Ways to Socialize a Very Shy Cat

socialize a shy cat

More often than not, pet cats need help from their human families, especially when they have a neglected or abused passed. Of course, for their material needs, we can easily provide, such as food, shelter, toys, cat scratching posts, and others. But as for emotional ones, we might have a hard time as they are […]

5 Tips When Taking Vacations with Cats

cats, pets, pet holidays

Many of us consider our pet cats as a part of the family. Gladly, chances are they also treat us the same. That said, it is just disturbing for us to leave them behind whenever we leave the house for a planned getaway. Back then, people don’t have a choice but to leave their fur […]

8 Things You Can Do for Your Pets in 2017

Whenever we turn a new chapter in our lives, we often focus on getting a lot of things done. We make resolutions and promises that never really get completed. After a few days, we just forget about them. So this year, why not make a change? Instead of doing things for yourself, do something for […]