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Living with a Bird and a Cat: Is It Possible?

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At some point in time during our childhood, we watched a television cartoon show, where a bird and a cat living in the same house, didn’t go along very well. That is why we are left asking, in reality, is it really possible for them to live peacefully together under the same roof? Can a […]

An Ultimate List of Plants That Are Toxic to Household Pets

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There are many different houseplants that you may have in your home, but you never know they may be harmful to your beloved household pets. While others are not fatal if eaten or chewed, some can actually kill your furry pet. To be safe, never assume that they will not chew, ingest, or chew on the poisonous […]

14 Brilliant Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Pet-Loving Mom

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Let’s face it, shopping gifts for our mom is very difficult. But if your mother is a pet lover, then things just got a whole lot easier. Mother’s day is just around the corner, and what better way to show our love and appreciation to our mother or mother to be, especially if she is […]

7 Perks of Living with Multiple Pets

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We talked about tips on living with multiple pets on our last post. Now, we talk about the benefits of living with them. If living with one pet makes you happy, how much more can a few additional pets will make you happy. Living with many pets may be hard at first, but if you […]

Useful Tips on Living with Multiple Pets

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Having one pet is good, but sometimes one is not enough, especially if you are alone in your home. So if you believe that the more is merrier, we’ve got your back. Here are some tips on how to live with 2 or more pets at home. Provide multiple beds/cages/pet houses. Pet beds is very […]

20 of the Most Interesting Facts About Cats

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Some of you might already know these facts, but mostly do not. From landing on their feet to having a heartbeat that is twice as fast as humans, here are some interesting facts about cats. 1. Did you know that cats spend almost ⅓ of their waking hours just by cleaning themselves? Hygiene is very […]

10 Surprising Facts about Newborn Kitties

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Oh, talking about newborn kitties, they’re just so adorable! From the moment they are born until they mature, the mere sight of them can easily put a smile in our faces. Then again, it is worth knowing that aside from our personal interests, kittens also have a set of needs to satisfy in order to […]

10 Easter Dangers for Your Beloved Pets

Easter Dangers, pets, pet care, cats, dogs

Everything about Easter is just so exciting. Not only do you get to spend time with your loved ones; you also get to indulge yourself in sweet treats. Sad to say, this exciting holiday may pose threats to pets. From plastic objects, synthetic grass, poisonous plants, chocolates, candy wrappers, and poisonous plants, we’ll expose some […]

5 Fall Outdoor Clean Up Tips for Pet Safety

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Autumn is officially here. So, for those who are still planning what to do, we suggest you continue reading below. It’s time to pick up those rakes and do some cleaning, not inside your homes, but outside! Then again, when pets are in the picture, cleaning might not be easy. That is why we have […]