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How to Protect Your Pets in the New Year

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Resolutions abound in the New Year, but as you are looking to fulfill them one at a time, don’t you ever forget about your pets. It’s going to be a new start for your cats and dogs, too. While they may not be aware of it, they will definitely benefit from a renewed beginning. To […]

Keep Your Pets Calm on New Year’s Day

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Another chapter of our lives is about to end. But then again, it only marks the beginning of a new one. In welcoming 2017, we usually celebrate with a huge feast. And of course, there’ll be fireworks. After all, it’s the New Year. However, as exciting as it may sound for us, all those noises […]

10 New Year’s Resolution for Your Pets

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Whether they’re a list of things that need to be done or some random fun activities to make the year extra special, resolutions are definitely great ways to kick off the year. But for this year, why not include your pets in your resolutions? For that, we listed the best possible resolutions ideal for you […]

8 Christmas Foods That Are Risky for Pets

Christmas foods, unsafe pet foods, pets

Christmas is the time of the year when we spend quality time with the family, pets included. During this festive period, we serve mouthwatering foods we don’t normally eat – roasted turkey, fruit cakes, candy canes, chocolates, and salads, to name a few. Sad to say, some of these are potentially harmful to our pets. […]

The 12 Dangers of Christmas for Pets

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Knowing that St. Nick has Rudolph and the other reindeer, it’s safe to assume he’s also a pet lover, right? So this Christmas day, he’d probably be unhappy to see any pets feeling sick and blue. We at Coops and Cages don’t want that to happen, too. Hence, we came up with a list of […]

10 Cat Breeds Preferred as Household Pets

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Regardless of your personality, there’s a perfect cat for you. Aloof or dependent, playful or not, big or small, there are lots of cat breeds to choose from. And as soon as you find the right feline that suits your taste and style, then it’d be a “purrfect” pair. So if you are looking for […]

10 Purrfect Christmas Gifts for Your Pets

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity for us pet owners to get our fur babies a gift to show them they are also loved. Of course, we can get them a special treat or buy them a chew toy, but there are those things that could be useful and fun for both of you. While you […]

Train Your Cat to Use the Cat Scratching Post

Whether you like it or not, cats love to scratch on things that are appealing to them – carpets, upholstery, and even our most valued furniture pieces. Although it’s a behaviour we all have to live with, we can still do something about it to prevent any potential destruction. How? A cat scratching post will […]

7 Pet Dangers to Look Out for This Halloween

pet dangers, Halloween

There’s no denying that the air is filled with so much horror and terror. While establishments are adorned with hair-raising ornaments, households are prepping tasty delights. And just when we thought that Halloween is a time for kids to enjoy, we often overlook the fact that there are potential dangers to our pets that may […]

10 Easy Homemade Pet Treats for Halloween

pet treats, Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means for us? Yes, tons of candies and chocolates, which unfortunately your pets can’t have. While the fright night is a time when eating sweets is highly encouraged, pets don’t always get to enjoy as much as we do since most of the treats […]