6 Health Benefits of Having a Pet Cat

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Sometimes, instinct tells us something is beneficial for us, like eating sweets or even owning a pet cat. And when science agrees with what we want and says cats are great for us, doesn’t that make you feel so happy and satisfied?

What many of us do not know is that owning a pet cat provides a plethora of benefits for both our physical and mental health. From an improved survival instinct to gaining new friends, we cannot deny the fact that owning a cat can truly make a difference in our lives.

So, let’s take a look at how beneficial these fur babies are.

1. They reduce the chances of a heart attack.

pet cat, pet care, cats, feline, feline friends, benefits of having a pet cat

Nowadays, pharmaceutical companies are doing thorough research to develop new drugs that can reduce the chances of a heart attack. If they are successful, that drug would be very big and for sure, the company will generate millions of dollars in profit.

Well, here’s what you should know. The drug is already there. But it cannot be bought in the pharmacy. Rather, it is available at pet shops in the form of cats.

According to research, cat owners were less likely to die of a heart attack compared to those individuals who don’t own a pet cat.

2. They lessen the risk of strokes.

pet cat, pet care, cats, feline, feline friends, benefits of having a pet cat

Believe us, having a pet cat can help lessen the risk of strokes. As you pet or soothe them, your blood pressure stays in control. There are studies that can prove that.

In one study, a group of people have had their blood pressure checked while speaking in public. And then, they were asked to do it again. This time, their pet cats were there. Based on the results, there was a significant difference in blood pressure when cats were present and when cats were not around. Having pet cats as company kept their blood pressure levels at a normal rate.

3. They help reduce stress.

pet cat, pet care, cats, feline, feline friends, benefits of having a pet cat

Another major benefit of having a feline pal is that they help reduce stress. Again, studies were done to prove this. It was found that cat owners have lesser levels of stress hormones unlike non-cat people.

It appears that living a life with pet cats can help distract you from the pressures of the real world. These creatures are great listeners. Moreover, they don’t criticize or judge you. So, you can talk to them as much as you want.

4. They teach us the importance of sleep.

pet cat, pet care, cats, feline, feline friends, benefits of having a pet cat

Cats spend most of their lives sleeping. One moment you find them in the cat bed sleeping. The next hour, you find them at the top of the cat scratching post or in their cat enclosure sleeping again. Well, that isn’t really bad. It’s natural for them.

With a pet cat sleeping consistently, we believe that you’d also be tempted to go to sleep. Perhaps it’s the sense of security and companionship that your feline buddies provide, making you sleep better.

5. They help alleviate allergies.

pet cat, pet care, cats, feline, feline friends, benefits of having a pet cat

The presence of a pet cat at home can help change how your body reacts to allergies. Cat dander, for instance, is unhealthy. Despite that, it offers a great line of defense for the immune system.

In a study done by the National Institute of Health, children below one year old and has a pet cat, were less likely to develop allergies to dust mites and pollens. But, they specifically noted that once a child has an allergy, he or she must steer clear of pets.

6. They allow you to socialize.

pet cat, pet care, cats, feline, feline friends, benefits of having a pet cat

By nature, cats are sociable animals. Even if they tend to be solitary and prefer to be isolated, they long for the presence of humans.

Another thing about pet cats is that you can quickly make new friends. As you take your feline friend out for a walk, you can meet other cat owners. You may chit-chat with them about your pets, not knowing you already made a new friend.

On a Final Note

Now, if you need more reasons why you should embark on cat ownership, we’ll say you can enjoy the bragging rights. Owning a pet cat is like completing a college degree, well, at least that’s what I feel.

Regardless of the reason why you are planning to get a pet cat, we hope you will enjoy these health benefits. But, before you leave and go to the pet store, consider visiting an animal shelter. There are plenty of adorable creatures there that need a loving home. Don’t worry. Most of the pets there are already well taken care of. Better yet, they have been groomed. So, if you arrive there, you will only have to fill our several sheets of paper to complete the adoption process. It should be easy-peasy!

Do you know other benefits of having a pet cat? Share it with us! Let us know by commenting below.

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  1. Karrie says:

    I have always been a cat lover and have had exceptional health. Now I know! I love cats. They do provide many health benefits. Having a cat has helped my anxiety, diabetes, and epilepsy. You have really described it so gently. I wasn’t don’t know so much about it. After reading your article now I am clear about it. Thank you so much for your post. I just love it. Keep posting.

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