How to Properly Bathe Your Pet Cat

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As a pet cat owner, you know that bathing your feline buddy is not that necessary. However, there are a few reasons why you should consider doing it. Don’t worry. We’ll give you a few tips on how you should do it properly and share a few helpful precautions, too!

Now, before anything else, we will give you a reason why you should bathe your pet cat. First is that if your allergies are triggered by the presence of your cat, bathing at least once a week can help reduce the allergens present in her coat. Another obvious reason is that when she gets so dirty or smelly. That’s pretty much it!

The Use of Shampoos and Conditioners

bathe your pet cat, pet cat, cats, pet care

The skin of our pet cats is about half the thickness of ours. That means they are more sensitive and have very different needs. So, you cannot always assume that the use of human products is completely okay for your pet.

When you bathe your feline pal, make sure you use a good quality and a gentle cat shampoo. But, if her skin is dry and frequently itchy, it might be a good idea to seek help from the vet. He can recommend the best shampoo for your four-legged baby.

It is worth noting that cats may groom themselves every after they time they take a bath. Therefore, you have to use products that are safe for them. Be sure you avoid any product that has tea tree in it. Your cats hate it.

Also, be mindful that their sense of smell is so sensitive. Even the most fragrant product can be very offensive for them. Well, at least in some cases, shampoo might not be necessary.

What You Need

bathe your pet cat, pet cat, cats, pet care

You don’t need to build a fancy bathing room for your pet cats. As long as you have a laundry sink, a normal bath tub, a shower room, or even a baby bath, then you are good to go. Just make sure that you have a non-slip mat to ensure you and your pets don’t slip while bathing.

Additionally, when bathing, make sure the water you are using is a bit warmer than your skin. You can perform a test using your forearm. If possible, use a hand-held spray to offer a soothing and massaging effect to your cat. If not available, you can use a small cup and slowly pour it over your cat’s coat.

Other things you need to prepare include nail clippers, face washer, cat treats, thick towels, a brush, a cotton wool, a face washer, and a cat soap or shampoo.

Preparations Prior to Bathing

bathe your pet cat, pet cat, cats, pet care

There are a few things you have to do before you bathe your pet cat. First off, you have to drain her energy by playing with her. You can leave her in her cat scratching post and let her climb up and down.

Aside from that, you also have to brush her fur, especially if she is long-haired. That way, they won’t tangle while bathing.

If her nails are long, you might want to clip them. You don’t want to get scratched in the event she gets scared or frightened while bathing.

To prevent water from getting into her ears, you can put some cotton wool inside them. You never know when things might get wild.

For Cats That Hate Water

bathe your pet cat, pet cat, cats, pet care

If your pet cats hate water, well, you already know that a complete water-bath won’t work. So, the best thing you have to do is to prepare a damp towel, put a small amount of diluted shampoo on it, and gently rub it on your feline friend. And then, get another damp towel for rinsing. Lastly, dry them with another towel.

Now, if you are bathing your pet cat because you don’t want allergens to spread at home, all you have to do is to wipe her every after three days. Just make sure you focus on her face. This is the area where most allergens are concentrated.

Useful Tips

bathe your pet cat, pet cat, cats, pet care

Here are some useful tips that can make bathing your pet cat quick and easy:

  • Make sure the lighting of the bathing room is a bit dim.
  • Do not stare at your pet cat directly in her eyes. You can just blink and then look away. It is said that if you do that, you are actually soothing your feline pal.
  • Your pet cat loves being scratched near the base of her tail. Do it gently before you wet her.
  • If you are using a spray, you don’t need to completely get your cat into a full bath. Simply run the water over her body, starting at the back and slowly moving forward.
  • Do not lose hold of your pet cat.
  • Have several towels on standby.


bathe your pet cat, pet cat, cats, pet care

See? Bathing your pet cat is so easy. You don’t need to find an excuse not to clean her. We already taught you the proper ways to bathe her. So, it’s up to you whether or not to do it.

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