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Is Heartworm Worse for Cats Than Dogs?

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Just because your pet cat is living indoors does not mean she is not at risk for heartworm. Heartworm may affect not only dogs, but also cats. In fact, it is far worse than dogs. With that in mind, you have to do everything you can to protect your feline friends against these pesky parasites. […]

5 Symptoms of Bloat You Should Know to Save Your Dog’s Life

symptoms of bloat, save your dog's life, dog care, dogs, pets

Believe it or not, bloating in dogs is one serious emergency that needs immediate attention. At one moment, you see your canine pal happy and healthy. The next hour, you see him battling in a life and death situation. In cases like this, the odds can be against your favor. So, what should you do […]

A Guide to Using Products for Your Dog’s Coat

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Dogs, unlike humans, have a very sensitive skin. That is because they have a different pH balance and has only half the thickness of human skin. Therefore, if you want to be sure that you don’t irritate your pet’s skin, avoid using human products on him. Instead, use products that are specially designed with your […]

8 Ways You Are Shortening Your Dog’s Life

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We always want our pet dogs to live a healthy and happy life. That is why we feed them quality food and shower them with all the love we can give. However, because of our hectic schedules and busy lifestyles, we tend to overlook simple things that are actually shortening our pet dog’s life. No, […]

5 Fun Things to Do with Your Pet Dog on a School Holiday

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Have you been with your pet dog for quite some time now? If that is the case, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen everything. And we know that you have been through the challenge of keeping him up and entertained throughout those long school holiday vacations. The good news is that there are many different activities […]

Why You Need to Deworm Your Pet

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No matter how much we care for our pets, the sad truth is that there are plenty of potential threats awaiting them. That includes worms. Sad to say, once pets get infected with worms, it can cause a serious burden for you, as they would gradually wear down your fur baby. These pesky parasites prevent […]

How to Choose Safe Pet Toys Properly

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Truth be told, buying pet toys is like buying toys for your child. There are things you need to carefully take into account to ensure you don’t get something that poses threats or dangers, regardless of how harmless it appears. After all, it is your fur baby’s safety that you are after. Okay, now we […]

Tips on Puppy Proofing Your Own Yard

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Having a puppy or a lot of puppies is a very fun experience to have. They are very active and loves to play, especially playing outside your yard. But playing in your very own yard poses some dangers to your beloved little puppies. You may not know but there are some objects or plants that […]

Can Rabbits and Dogs Live Together?

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Many pet owners have dog or dogs already living with them in their house. Or even some pet owners already have a bunch of rabbits with them. But what if you add up the two animals together in the same house? Depending on the situation the results may be good, but there are some cases […]