Top 7 Reasons Our Pet Dogs Make Us Happy

Top 7 Reasons Our Pet Dogs Make Us Happy

A dog’s loyalty is something we can never question. In fact, it has been proven many times already in stories here and there. However, loyalty is just a part of the package. There are just so many things about dogs that make us very happy.

Of course, dog owners already understand this. But you need not to be an owner to enjoy the perks of a dog’s company. Anyone can experience the genuine happiness and joy dogs can bring. Find out how and why below.

1. You will never be alone.

Dogs are loyal friends who will stay by our side no matter what. They never judge us. They are always happy to have us around. They even stick with us through thick and thin!

Here’s an example. You woke up at the wrong side of the bed. You feel irritated and anxious. Basically, you are not yourself one morning. And then, your furry pal enters your room and wags his tail. He lays his head onto your lap and stares at you with those adorable eyes. He seems like he wants to tell you not to be sad and that he’s there for you. All of a sudden, you feel that you are back into your happy groove again.

2. You always have a taste of fresh and clean air.

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As you live your daily life with dogs, you don’t just discover nature’s most beautiful places. You also get to taste a dose of fresh and clean air.

It is beneficial for dogs to walk regularly. And if you happen to own a dog, you know that this is not a form of punishment. Together with your canine pal, you get to experience the most gorgeous parts of your place. You enjoy the parks, beaches, and even the grass. These daily walks will generally make you happier and healthier and at the same time, make you feel lucky to experience what Mother Nature has to offer.

3. Dogs help you realize who you really are.

Dogs are mirrors into our souls. They are true to themselves and they respond to human behaviour naturally. They respond to our every call based on our emotions and behaviour.

But then again, this can be sometimes opposing. While dogs can easily understand anger and stress, your composure and confidence may also affect them. Thus, it is best to get to know your dog first. In the long run, you’ll realize you have become great friends.

4. Dogs encourage more interaction and socialization.

Have you ever walked your dog and encountered people who say, “How adorable! What’s his name?”

Well, that is definitely a great thing because you get to share everything about your dogs. And if lucky enough to meet other dog owners and enthusiasts, your canine buddies get to play with each other! Even if you don’t fancy a chat, a simple ‘Hello’ will go a long way.

Therefore, my tip is that if you wish to interact with others but you’re having a hard time initiating a conversation, then get a dog. It is then when you will know you have a sociable friend by your side.

5. They keep you in good shape.

Dogs help you stay in good shape. Not only because they get you moving, but also because they help lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, and encourage the production of happy hormones or endorphins.

Based on studies, dog owners are able to recover faster every after an illness. Also, it is said that dogs make great companions for the elderly and children.

6. They bring true joy to kids.

Researchers believe that pet ownership is essential for the overall physical and emotional well-being of kids. In fact, they said that one of the best gifts you can give to a child is a dog.

The reason for this is that kids can easily share their secrets to their dogs because these creatures are always there to lend an ear.

7. Dogs bring a whole new meaning to life.

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Of course, dog ownership entails big responsibilities, so it is important that you think carefully before deciding to get a dog.

In the eyes of your dog, you are the master of the universe. He thinks that you are the most important person in his life. He is very dependent on you. Hence, as the owner, you must take responsibility for the overall health of this loving creature.

Although this may sound like a very tedious task, but it is what pet ownership is. If you have a dog with you, for sure, you know how it feels to offer such lovely creature not just a dog kennel, but also a beautiful and welcoming home.

How about you? How does your pooches make you happy? Whatever your answer is, one thing is for sure. Dogs make us happy in ways they can only do. And you can’t deny that. After all, it’s a doggy thing. And they live in a doggy world, without minding time. It’s you they only care for. So do them a favour and offer them the best you can give.

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