What To Do When Your Little Pets Are Missing

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Hamsters, rats, mice and guinea pigs are very popular pets for everybody for many reasons. The first reason and what people usually look for is that they are very adorable and cute. The second reason is that they are small and are the perfect pets for people who can’t own big pets like dogs and cats or they have a limited space in their house or apartment. The third reason is that these pets are very budget friendly. And lastly, these adorable little creatures are very intelligent and can be trained if the owner wants to. And because of their high intelligence, they can also escape on their own, especially if you are using some cheap cages for their home or even some cardboard boxes if you are really tight on budget. Although you can prevent your little pets from escaping by buying sturdy cages, there are still some situations that they will be missing.

Even though some of your little pets behave all the time, the others might be very tricky and like to play the hard way by escaping all the time. It all just depends on your pet’s personality. In some instances, other pets will try to gnaw on the cage’s weak spots. Others are smart enough to try and open the cage doors on their own. But still there are some instances that it is our fault and we forget to close the cage doors. No matter what the reason is, if your little pet is missing when you see their cage, you might panic. If ever your pet is missing, stay calm all the time. There is still a chance that you can find them just lurking around the house. Sometimes you’ll get lucky that your little pet is just lingering close to the cage, but if not, you’ll have to start and conduct a search for your missing little pet.

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Common Places Where Your Clever Little Pet Might Be Hiding

Just a reminder, stay calm. Panicking will not help you. It is time to think where those clever little ones might be hiding. They might be curling up in small places that is just around the corner. They can also be hiding under things so be careful on where you step at. Here are some ideas on where they might be hiding:


Assuming you have lots of shoes in your house or apartment, your little pet might be inside one of them. Be sure to check every last one of your shoes.


Check every single closet of yours and start rummaging every place they might be able to crawl onto. Using a flashlight will help a lot for your pet’s eyes might reflect the light that comes from the flashlight.

Kitchen Appliances.

Check under the stove or even the oven, under the fridge and behind the fridge and anything else your little pet could have crawled under.

Furniture Pieces.

Your little furball might be hiding under the couch, beds, dressers or any of your furniture you have there. Don’t forget to check your cushions or your pillowcases for your little friends might be hiding under them as well.


If you got some boxes lying around your place from shoe boxes and any other small boxes, check them out for your little friend might be inside one of them.


Don’t leave any blankets left unturned. They might be hiding behind there. You can’t really blame them if they crawl under your cozy blankets.


For some reason, your little furballs are attracted to the bathroom. This is maybe because of the shower gels and perfumes and anything that smells good in the bathroom. So be sure to take a look inside there too.


If you live in cold places and you have a heater in your house, your little pet might be in there if it is not turned on. Don’t leave any chances and check it if it is not too hot.


If your house has a basement, it is a good hiding place for them. The basement might be dark, but it is the perfect hiding place for them.

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Other Places

If you have looked everywhere and turned your house upside down and still can’t find your little pets, still don’t panic and stay calm. Don’t be upset, chances are, they are still lurking around somewhere and they just skipped from place to place and you are unable to catch their attention. Some pets make some small noises when things get quiet, so be sure to stay calm and listen to your environment.

You must tell everybody else living with you that your little pet is missing and tell them to keep an eye in case they see them at some point.

Don’t forget to leave their cage opened the whole time. Some of them are intelligent enough to return to their place of comfort when they get bored. Don’t forget to leave some foods in their cage to make it more attractive to them.

But in the worst case scenario, and your pet has sneaked out of your house, then it might impossible to find them unless the come home knocking in your doorsteps. Don’t blame yourself for their escape, they are clever and mischievous little animals and carry trouble everywhere they go.

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  1. Guinea Pig HQ says:

    After panicking for a good 30 minutes, we found our little guinea pig pet inside our speaker box. One of the things you can expect is, they will probably be hiding in spaces you never thought of haha

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