The Code of Conduct to Raising Pet Birds

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As a pet bird owner, have you met other people who disapprove of your animal companion? Well, honestly, it’s not that they don’t like your pet. Perhaps, they are just questioning whether keeping birds as pets is acceptable.

There are plenty of talks, saying keeping birds as pets is cruel because they have to be set free. They say they don’t belong in our homes, especially in bird cages. But truth be told, it’s not like that. It’s a matter of knowing what you can do for them to help them live a sustainable life. So, here’s what you know.

Catching Wild Birds

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First and foremost, it’s never acceptable to catch a wild bird from its natural habitat and them keeping him in the zoo or in a bird cage, unless he is injured or incapable of surviving in the wild.

Technically, catching a healthy wild bird is like kidnapping or stealing. Not only does it stress the bird; it also results in the decline of the population of the avian species.

For the sake of saving the birds, please do not take them out of their natural habitat to make them your pets. Also, do not ever support those who purchase these “stolen” creatures. These days, many wild winged species are held captives in homes. So, if you wish to have a pet, you might want to consider adopting one that is used to living with humans.

In the event that you see a sick or injured wild bird, the best thing you must do is to call animal rescuers or go to the nearest nature center.

To Keep Them or To Let Them Go?

If you were to decide, would you keep birds that have been raised as pets or set them free? If you ask around, the most common answer you’ll get is “set them free”. But if bird breeders were asked, they’d rather keep them. Why? The answer is simple.

Birds that have been used to being with humans may not already be accustomed to living in the wild. They find it hard to deal with the weather. Also, they don’t know how to forage for food. They can’t even protect themselves from predators. That only means, if you set them free, you are like punishing them to death.

Keep in mind that most bird species raised as pets are intelligent. Once they bond with humans, they form a strong bond. Therefore, sending them away will only cause them anxiety and grief.

Keeping Pet Birds Happy

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Welcoming a pet bird into the family is a very huge responsibility. In fact, it is something that must not be taken lightly. Like any other pets, you have to do your assignment and research ahead before bringing in your bird.

Generally, every bird species has a different need, but more often than not, they need the only a few things.

Requirements to Raising Pet Birds

1. Be sure you have a bird cage at home that is large enough to accommodate your pets. Ideally, it should have room to jump, climb, or fly.

2. There should be toys like chew toys and puzzles, especially for parrot-type species. It would be vest to provide a wide variety of toys to know what toy your bird prefers. Also, make it a habit to regularly check the toys for any signs of damage or anything that could cause harm like sharp edges.

3. You must give your pets time to exercise out of the bird cage every day. Even if the amount of time varies from one bird to another, it’s better to allocate several hours for active and larger breeds. Whenever you’re at home, you can simply leave the door open, provided your home is bird-proof.

4. Always keep the bird cage clean. As much as possible, get rid of papers and wood shavings daily. Wash the perches and the entire cage with water and soap once a weak and disinfect at least monthly.

5. Talk with them. Most bird species require human interaction. But if you are not comfortable with it, make him play games or cuddle him while watching television.

6. Always be on the lookout for signs of anxiety or stress. Birds are excellent at hiding these signs. Therefore, we highly suggest you pay close attention. In case you notice anything is wrong, do not hesitate to seek help from the vet.

7. Offer them a well-balanced diet. You can buy one from the pet store, but you can also order online. Just make sure what you’re giving them include fruits, whole grains, veggies, or formulated pellets.

Nowadays, many pet owners are becoming irresponsible that they don’t take time to even visit their birds. Don’t count yourself one of them and be the responsible human your pets think. Provide interaction and show them love. You’ll soon be rewarded with unconditional love in return.

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