How Pets Make Life Better This Year of the Fire Rooster

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As a pet lover, there’s no denying that our fur babies bring a whole new level of happiness in our lives. Although there are instances when times get rough, they just manage to wake us up to a smiling face. So, for those of you who still don’t have a furry pal, you will be happy to welcome a new pet this year of the fire rooster because of the benefits they will bring to our lives!

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1. They have something that lifts up our mood instantly.

Spending at least 15 minutes with your pets can help you feel more relaxed and calm. Also, it alleviates stress and boosts happiness. That is because playing with them increases the brain’s levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are both responsible for the feeling of pleasure and peace. So, whenever you feel sad and blue, find your pets and spend time with them.

2. They help reduce the risks of cardiovascular issues.

According to studies, talking to your pets can help lower blood pressure levels. That only means cardiovascular illnesses are prevented.

3. They protect kids from skin problems and allergies.

Kids who grow up with pets are safer from eczema than those who have no pets at all. Yes, you read it right. Aside from that, they are less prone to developing allergies because they grow immune to it.

4. They promote a healthy lifestyle.

Your pets need to exercise daily, and so do you! Thus, whenever you take them for afternoon walks, you get to exercise yourself, too. However, that doesn’t mean your choices are limited to daily walks. You can also try other exciting travel destinations, where you can enjoy the picturesque scenery and exercise at the same time.

5. They help you quickly recover from illnesses.

Based on statistics, families with pets at home have a better recovery rate than those without pets. In addition, those with dogs who have suffered from heart attacks or strokes are more likely to recover faster.

6. They make wonderful service animals.

Though technology advances every year, still, pets never fail to impress us when it comes to providing service. When trained well for persons with disabilities, they can bring medication, detect potential seizures, and step up when stressful situations arise. So, we guess they’re so more reliable than any other devices or gadgets introduced.

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7. They are our best friends.

Due to their sharp sight, smell, and hearing, pets make great best friends. Why? It is simply because they can easily sense your body language, feelings, and emotions. That means they can pave a way for a strong and unbreakable friendship.

8. They take the extra mile just to be with their humans.

There have been numerous stories about pets being accidentally lost, but after several days, they show up in the houses of their families. One popular story is of Bobbie’s. He was called the Wonderdog. It was believed that he traveled about 2,800 miles to get back to his home, after he was accidentally abandoned.

9. They are reliable watchers and guardians.

When they are still young, pets innately observe to be aware of potential danger coming your way. For instance, they scare away burglars by barking at them in the window. But among all pets, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Scottish Terriers are considered to be the best watchdog breeds. Nonetheless, if trained well, any pet can alert their families of anything suspicious.

10. They unknowingly make us socialize, which is really good.

Those of you with pets, who go out on afternoon walks in the neighborhood or in the park, definitely have many friends. The reason is simple. Your fluffy buddies can attract people and initiate conversations.

11. They never let you have any dull moment.

Have you ever found yourself, contemplating what to do today, but you saw your pets and forget about everything? Well, we’ve been through that as well. Whether you are planning to go to the park or just play around in the yard, it’s clear that with them, every second is fun.

12. They can save your life.

Researchers are currently studying our pet’s ability to detect cancer in humans. There are stories of puppies, who lick at the lumps on the bodies of their humans, who later on found that those odd formations were cancerous. Another experiment was conducted wherein dogs were trained to detect cancer cells in just 3 hours.

Of course, the relationship between humans and pets is a two-way street. You show them love and they’ll show it to you as well. Thus, this year of the fire rooster, it is best to start anew and give them a life they deserve. Provide them with what they need – dog kennels, cat scratching posts, food, and time. In return, they will give you unconditional love and loyalty you never knew they can offer.

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