5 of the Smartest Pet Birds in the World

5 of the Smartest Pet Birds in the World-feature

Birds may have gotten a bad name over the years, being called “dull” and “dumb”, but in reality, these creatures are way beyond that. Based on recent studies, it was proven that several wild bird species have an amazing IQ level that is almost similar to that of humans.

But what about the pet birds like cockatiels, budgies, and finches? To answer that question, allow me to enumerate the bird breeds that are known to be very clever and yet, make great pets.

1. African Grey Parrot


Among all birds, the African Grey Parrot is considered to be a genius. And like typical geniuses, these birds are weird, easily get nervous, and could become socially awkward. If compared to humans, greys are said to have the intelligence of a 5-year-old child.

Apart from that, these birds are also noted for their ability to speak in perspective and formulate sentences. Basically, they do not just mimic what they hear. They also think about what they say.

Often times, greys ask for something from their owner. Also, they even express how they feel. Weird, huh?

2. Cockatoos and Macaws


Experts say that the bigger the cockatoo or the macaw is, the more intelligent it is. But similar with all other birds, intelligence is measured individually.

Of course, the environment and personality plays a vital role for these creatures. For instance, while macaws can be very loving, they can sometimes be very aggressive. Cockatoos, on the other hand, are impressively dexterous and enjoy ripping things apart like their bird cages.

Despite their varying personalities, these birds can be very social and can live up to 70 years.

3. Budgies


Budgies may be tiny parrots, but they are extremely wise. These common pet birds are like little sponges, absorbing and grasping every piece of info they can get.

They are also excellent talkers and very curious. Their intelligence can be compared to that of a 2-year-old child.

Even with their popularity among bird enthusiasts, they usually don’t get the respect they deserve. That is because they cost only a few dollars at some pet shops.

Nevertheless, these parrots are so adorable. They enjoy music and can even groove to the beat of it!

4. Green Amazons, Parakeets, Lovebirds, and Conures


Regardless if they are from Africa, the Amazon, or the Land Down Under, these small parrot species are known to excel at problem solving. They are good talkers, too!

There have been many experiments involving conures that used their feet and beaks to pull up a string with peanuts tied to the bottom. Apparently, they are just fond of finding easy ways to get things done.

And as with the nature of birds, especially lovebirds, they don’t like being alone. They do need companionship in order to survive.

5. Finches and Canaries


Finches and canaries have their own unique talents. While male canaries are famous for their amazing vocal prowess, finches are known for their wit and cuteness!

These birds are perfect for kids because they don’t require much attention. Even if they are just in the bird cage, they are happy to entertain you with a beautiful song.

However, do take note that finches may have territorial issues. When it’s too crowded, battles may arise.

Ultimately, birds are only as clever as their environment allow. So to bring out the best in our pet birds, give them toys and freedom. Offer them your time and make sure you take care of them. Allow them to eat right and follow the tips I wrote in the eBook below. And in the long run, you’ll realize that they really don’t deserve to be associated with having “birdbrains”.

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