The Perks of Keeping Pet Birds at Home

The Perks of Keeping Pet Birds at Home

Some people prefer a pet they can play with, while others want a pet that’ll provide them comfort during a cold night. There are also those who want a pet that could be a loyal companion while others are looking for a true pal they can count on through thick and thin.

Well, there are plenty of animals out there one can adopt. But not all of them are capable of providing the unconditional love we humans need. Even though they don’t always have a voice to greet us whenever we feel tired from a long day at work, one thing is for sure. They do have their own way of showing how much we really mean to them.

When you say pets, people normally associate them with dogs and cats, but only a few know that birds also make great pets. For many, birds make perfect companions. According to them, until you’ve lived with birds, you will find it hard to imagine how they can bring cheerfulness and joy to one’s home.

Like having dogs, keeping birds as pets at home offers lots of perks, too. Allow me to discuss a few.

Social Interaction

Some studies have proven that keeping birds at home encourages social interaction, which is great for your mental well-being. This is especially true if you have a talking bird that will greet you with a whistle or a simple, “Hello” whenever they see you.

Not to mention, keeping pet birds also allows interaction between other bird owners. Because of your eagerness to learn more about them and raise them well, you become very interested in joining local bird clubs or participate in different bird forums.

Long Lifespan

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In contrast to other pets, most birds have longer lifespan, which only implies you don’t always have to pass through the grieving stage of losing a pal to old age.

Here’s an interesting fact you might not know about. There are several parrot species that can outlive you. Among them are the Macaws. But then again, caring for these species has disadvantages. Why? Eventually, you will have to make arrangements for them.

Encourages Empathy

If you have kids at home, why not keep birds? It is said that caring for these winged-creatures encourages empathy among the young ones. Why? This is because you can talk to them and they understand how you feel. In the long run, you can form a strong bond with them. When this happens, you don’t need to speak to them to show you are sad. You don’t even have to jump up and down in front of their bird cage to express your happiness. Although they can’t talk human words, they will learn to understand your emotions.

Promote Sense of Responsibility

By keeping pet birds, you feel the need to take care and nurture someone or something. The reason for this is that they require lots of attention. In order to stay healthy and happy, they need interaction and time of their human owners.

They Keep Your Mind Sharp

As you age, your brain and body start slowing down. I believe you know that. As a result, you become at risk to early dementia. But did you know that if you only allocate time with your birds by spending time with them and teaching them tricks, you are actually keeping your mind sharp. At the same time, you are also entertaining your pets.

Reduce Stress

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This is pretty obvious. Playing and interacting with your pets help lower stress levels and blood pressure, which is definitely recommended for one’s health. Can you think of any other activity more relaxing than allowing your conures to sit on you while you go on with your daily household chores?

Here’s an important point to remember. Although petting birds is proven to lower stress and blood pressure levels, be careful when doing that. If possible, pet them against the lay of their feathers. This is because they don’t like their feathers to be tidied with stroking. If you do that, they will be stressed out.


There is nothing to argue about. The mere sight of these colourful creatures lifts up one’s spirit. How much more if they are seen everyday? Not only are birds a gorgeous sight; they are also wonderful additions to one’s home, bringing pleasant music to one’s ears and making the family’s bond tighter than ever. So if you want to see more of them, maybe you might wan to read on the eBook I wrote below entitled, ‘15 Effective Bird-Feeding Tips You Can Use All-Year Round’.

Based on the perks I’ve presented, I can say that keeping birds can take me to places. I’m not talking literally here. It’s just that, regardless of the bird breed, they help me explore and see the world in a whole new perspective. How about you? What benefits did your birds offer you? Feel free to share it with me. I will listen.

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