The Best Dog Treats You Can Give Your Adorable Little Pup

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While your four-legged pals are still puppies, it is best that you take time to bond with them. If possible, let them play and socialize. Allow them to discover things by themselves. If you have time, you can also train them.

However, letting them try these activities can be very challenging. One moment, they’d play with you, but later, they’d sleep in one corner. Fortunately, dog treats are there to engage them in such activities.

When feeding them dog treats, there are things you need to take into consideration. Aside from decreasing your pup’s normal diet to give way to the added calories, these treats should not exceed 10% of your pooch’s total calories.

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When to Give Dog Treats

Below are the best times to give your pups some dog treats:


One of the many reasons why pet owners give their puppies some dog treats is to get their attention while dog crate training. Treats help reinforce positive behavior easily and quickly.

Here are some guidelines to follow when giving treats during training.

  • The dog treats should be easily broken into smaller pieces. That is so you can give more rewards to your fur buddy without increasing the calorie intake.
  • The dog treats should be pleasing to their eyes. This is especially true if your pooch is a picky eater.
  • If possible, the dog treats should have uniform consistency all throughout. They should not crumble in your pocket or pouch.


By nature, puppies have this odd chewing behavior, which then decreases over time. They do this to keep their gums and teeth in good shape. Although this behavior should not be discouraged, you can set limitations if they are already attacking your shoes and couch.

During the first 4 to 7 months of a pup, they become very active at chewing. By chewing, they can get rid of the baby teeth and help the permanent teeth to come out through the gums. Giving the right puppy treats can make the transition smooth and easy.

Here are a few things you should consider before giving treats to teething pups:

  • Give treats that are as small as a fingernail. These treats are ideal for proper tooth penetration and can help your pooch from swallowing it directly.
  • Always be there when giving your pet some dog treats. That way, you can keep them from swallowing the treats.

Ideal Dog Treats

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Now, what treats are ideal for your pooches?

1. Nylabones

These treats are known to have a heavy-duty rubber-like texture. They mimic the appearance of a bone, only that they are soft enough to chew and are hard enough to be shred.

2. Kongs

Like Nylabones, Kongs are made of heavy-duty rubber. Though they are soft enough to chew, they can be very durable. More often, they are filled with kibble or peanut butter for entertainment and to improve a pup’s problem solving skills.

3. Frozen Bone Marrows

Frozen bone marrows are readily available in the meat section of grocery stores. These donut-shaped bones taste really good for pups because of the marrow at the middle. Bone marrows are best served frozen and they provide a great chewing surface for puppies.

4. Store-Bought Treats

If you’ve ever been to a pet store, you can find aisles with plenty of ready-made treats for dogs. But which ones should you get?

Well, here are the basic rules.

  • Get dog treats of the same brand as your pup’s kibble. Normally, dog food manufacturers use the same ingredients in their dog treats. To be sure, check the labels.
  • Choose the simplest dog treat. Your puppy does not have to eat a dog treat that is hard to pronounce.
  • For picky puppies, find dog treats that are formulated for them. Because food sensitivity is a popular topic these days, many dog food manufacturers make sure to have products available for these pups.
  • Consider the volume of the dog treat. Make sure your puppy can consume all of them before the expiration date.

5. Human Food

In contrast to what we all believe, human food can be great treats for puppies, only if they are given appropriately.

If you are in doubt, you can start with giving your pup baby food. Allow your pup to lick from the jar whenever he shows a positive behavior. If veggies like green beans, broccoli, and carrots are available, you can also give it to them.

6. Homemade Treats

Nowadays, more and more pet owners are cooking homemade treats for their puppies. By preparing dog treats at home, pet owners know exactly what they are feeding their fur babies.

Homemade treats are ideal for puppies that are sensitive to food because the ingredients can be adjusted. By searching the Internet, you will see a plethora of homemade dog treat recipes you can make at home. In addition, you may speak with your pup’s veterinarian for more recipe ideas.

On a Final Note

Dog treats play an important role in the growth and development of a puppy. When used properly, they can make dog training easier and better. And soon thereafter, your pup will grow into a healthy and good dog.

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