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5 Fall Outdoor Clean Up Tips for Pet Safety

pet safety, clean up tips

Autumn is officially here. So, for those who are still planning what to do, we suggest you continue reading below. It’s time to pick up those rakes and do some cleaning, not inside your homes, but outside! Then again, when pets are in the picture, cleaning might not be easy. That is why we have […]

How to Safely Travel with Pet Rabbits

pet rabbits, pets, traveling with pets

If you are taking a vacation, your pet rabbits will probably be safe with a pet sitter. But if you will be out for months, you need to take them with you. Sad to say, travel can be a bit stressful for bunnies. Still, they will do fine as long as you take precautionary measures. […]

9 Rabbit Toys You Can Make at Home

rabbit toys, pet rabbits

Every pet enjoys playing, and your bunnies are no exceptions. Whether you believe it or not, they are even more playful than the typical cats and dogs. They like to run, jump, hop, and even play hide and seek in their rabbit hutches! They just want to challenge and entertain themselves. So, to keep them […]

How to Identify Heat Stroke in Pet Rabbits

pet rabbits, rabbit care

Pet rabbits have limited ways to get rid of body heat. They can’t pant like dogs. Also, they can’t grab an ice cream for themselves like humans. For that reason, they are at high risk for heat stroke. But since they are so good at hiding stress and other health-related concerns, they don’t always appear […]

How Pets Make Life Better This Year of the Fire Rooster

pet care, pets, year of the fire rooster

As a pet lover, there’s no denying that our fur babies bring a whole new level of happiness in our lives. Although there are instances when times get rough, they just manage to wake us up to a smiling face. So, for those of you who still don’t have a furry pal, you will be […]

Learning How to Grow Food for Pet Rabbits

One of the good things about raising pet rabbits is the fact that you can grow their foods by yourself in your yard. What’s best is that you need not to be an expert to grow the favourites of your bunnies! So how do you start? Before anything else, let’s familiarize what is container gardening, […]

5 Reasons to Neuter or Spay Your Rabbits

rabbit spaying, rabbit neutering

Don’t you ever think that spaying or neutering can only cause harm to rabbits. It’s not like taking away their gender. As a responsible owner, it is important that you understand the importance of these processes to bunnies. Truth be told, spaying or neutering is just the tip of the icing. They’re not just things […]

8 Unique Rabbit Housing Ideas to Inspire You


Of course, we could all understand that you want only the best rabbit housing for your bunnies. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend lavishly for that. With a dash of creativity and imagination, you can create a rabbit housing your pets can call their own. To further inspire you to get artistic, here […]

10 Purrfect Christmas Gifts for Your Pets

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity for us pet owners to get our fur babies a gift to show them they are also loved. Of course, we can get them a special treat or buy them a chew toy, but there are those things that could be useful and fun for both of you. While you […]

8 FAQs to Learn from about Rabbit Chewing

Though it seems like an odd behaviour, rabbit chewing is actually normal. In fact, it’s something bunnies are accustomed to doing as their teeth are continuously growing. However, there are times when these creatures seem to want to nibble almost anything they come across – wires, carpet, fabric, and etc. – which is already alarming. […]