Ways to Set-up a Comfortable Rabbit Home


We easily get excited about getting new pets at home like rabbits to the point that we just want everything set before they arrive. We then find ourselves getting busy, visiting one pet store to the other just to get what they need, even if it would mean we have to spend some of our hard-earned money.

On the bright side, our efforts will become all worth it once they arrive. Even the sight of them could already make our day brighter and better, how much more if we play and cuddle with them?

In exchange for the love and joy they bring, it is just right that we offer them something that would make their stay happier and worth it. And what do I imply? Provide them with a rabbit hutch that is comfy and spacious.

Just like you, I also had a hard time thinking about ways to make a simple rabbit hutch appear like a home. In the long run, I learned a lot through my own experiences and from the stories of my pals in the industry. But before anything else, let me share with you the two types of home you can get for them.

A Rabbit Cage or a Rabbit Hutch?

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Of course, the first thing you need to secure a place for your rabbits before they even arrive. Although you have plenty of options out there, the best that I can recommend is a rabbit care or a rabbit hutch. What makes the two different from each other?

A rabbit cage is ideal if you wish to get something portable. Nowadays, these cages are sold in varying sizes and shapes, but the most important thing you must take into consideration is the size. Always remember that these fluffy creatures need enough space to move around. Hence, an ideal cage must be at least five times the size of the bunny.

On the other hand, a rabbit hutch is a shelter designed for rabbits that is made of high-quality wood. If you decide to buy a hutch and have it placed outdoors, make sure you put it in a shady or covered location because rabbits can’t endure extreme temperatures and the sight of predators easily frightens them.

Once you have decided which type to get, you can take my tips and be able to easily set-up a cozy rabbit home.

1. Use a soft flooring or bedding.

In most cases, hutches and cages feature wire floors as it makes cleaning easier. However, you should know that wire floors aren’t great for your rabbit’s feet, so it is essential that you install disposable flooring or a mat.

Some of my friends use grass mats because they are really soft on the feet. They can even be chewed on. In my case, I used hay because it is readily available in our area. But whatever you get does not matter, as long as you use something that is comfy to sleep on.

2. Always have a clean supply of water and food.

Water and food is vital in the lives of rabbits, so it is your duty to make sure they always have access to them. For storing water, you can use a water bottle. By opting for that, you won’t have to worry about contamination acquired from their droppings.

The same goes with food. Always make sure their food is off of the floor so as to avoid diseases and contamination. Have it placed in a bowl or a feeder made for rabbits.

3. Keep rabbit chews handy.

Rabbits are always seen nibbling on something. Though it looks odd for us, it is completely normal for them. Chewing helps them keep their teeth neat and trim.

To help them achieve maintain their healthy teeth, it is wise to provide rabbit chews. These are designed in a way that rabbits can safely chew it.

4. Provide rabbit toys.

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Just like any other pets, rabbits also love to play and have fun. For that purpose, rabbit toys are made. Made of grass or wood, these toys are excellent for any interactive activities and games.

Aside from the fun and enjoyment rabbits get from toys, these things are also vital for their mental health. These provide bunnies with added stimulation.

There you have it! While my suggestions about setting up a comfortable rabbit home are just short, I do hope that you read and understand them carefully. Some rabbit owners take these tips for granted wherein fact these are the basic things they should know. But I am pretty confident you aren’t like them.

To show how grateful I am that you are still reading this post, please provide your name and email address below so that I can give you more ways to keep your pet rabbits healthy and happy. I really hope you enjoy reading!

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