How to Teach Your Kids Responsible Pet Ownership

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Having pets and kids at the same time can be very relaxing and fun. However, while your pets and your kids can benefit from one another, it is important that you as the more mature pet owner, teach your kids some important pet ownership measures. Children can play a great role in caring for pets, as long as they know how to look after your fur babies. 

Make Feeding a Part of His Learning Experience 

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Like most humans, animals may be driven by food, too! Basically, they love the person who prepares their meals. That said, you might want to assign the task of feeding your pet to your child. By letting your child handle the feeding and watering chore, he will not just be loved by your pet, he will also learn how to become responsible with his tasks and improve his measuring skills. 

If you follow a certain schedule for your pet’s meals, teach your child what time the pets should be fed. That way, he will know how to use a clock. 

Pet feeding may also be a way to teach your child math. In case you are wondering how and why, pet food is often measured out. If you pass this responsibility to your child, he will improve his counting skills and fractions. 

Finally, don’t forget about providing water to your pet. Tell your child that if he sees that the watering bowl is empty, he has to refill it with water right away. With that simple act, he will pay attention to the needs of your pet and become more aware. 

Exercising Made Fun and Easy 

Do you know who can better provide the exercise needs of your four-legged buddy? Yes, it is your child. After all, it’s him who has loads of energy to keep up with your ever-energetic pet. 

Young kids would really enjoy playing fetch with your pet. They love to throw away the disc and let pets fetch them, they also like to place hamsters in the exercise wheels. This whole experience is not just a great bonding time for both of them, it can also help your kid and your dog live healthy and strong. 

You don’t necessarily have to let your child be in charge of exercise. You can simply allow them to play with your little critters. By playing with your pets, your child can use his imagination and think of creative things. Perhaps, he’d create an obstacle course for your dog to run through. 

Cleaning Up and Grooming 

Cleaning up is important for both pets and kids. For your child, giving them the responsibility of pet grooming will help him realize the importance of freshening up and looking their best. 

Take note that cleaning should not be limited to the physical body. It should involve everything around you. Your child can be in charge of cleaning the water and food bowls. He can also be tasked to change the bedding of the dog kennel. Though it’s obviously not a glamorous side of pet ownership, doing the cleaning up chores presents the real-life scenario of pet ownership to a kid. 

Just remember to take things slowly. Don’t force your kid to wash the food bowls if he doesn’t want to. You can at least let him brush your pet’s fur 

Be Cautious of What’s Going On 

Since pets love to spend time with their little humans, you can teach your kid to alert you if he notices something is wrong with your pet. This is especially helpful for the health and general welfare of your pet. 

If your kid spends more of his time with your fur babies, he will be the first to know if your pet’s behaviour has changed or your pet is acting strange. Take their observations seriously and ask them what the possible cause of the sudden change could be. With the information he provides you, you can slowly put the pieces together and take rightful actions. 

Get Them Ready 

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Involving your child in the pet chores is a great way to build a lasting relationship and teach him a sense of responsibility. But before you even give your kid a task, make sure he is ready for it. Don’t ask your child to take your dog for a walk if he’s only four-years-old. Don’t even let him bathe a cat that hates water. You have to train him first, as well as your pet. 

Important Reminders 

Always remember that kids and pets make a perfect pair. They could eventually become good friends and build lasting memories that will last a lifetime. Also, take note that none of it will happen if you don’t guide them. As a mature pet owner, just be there in every step and soon thereafter, you’ll realize that everything is falling into place. 

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