7 Perks of Living with Multiple Pets

dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, pet care

We talked about tips on living with multiple pets on our last post. Now, we talk about the benefits of living with them.

If living with one pet makes you happy, how much more can a few additional pets will make you happy. Living with many pets may be hard at first, but if you follow our tips on our previous post, then it can help living with them a bit easier and more fun. And if you got a pet and is trying to consider getting another pet, then this post is a perfect thing to read before getting one.

dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, pet care dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, pet care dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, pet care

1. More Companionship for You

Dogs, cats, birds and even our tiny pets can be our loyal friends. They have their own special way on bringing happiness and giving us that smile on our face even if you don’t feel good or just not in the mood. It’s the little things they do that have the biggest impact in our lives. Having many pets means that you’ll have more fluffy or feathery friends to turn on to on those times that you need comfort the most.

2. More Companionship for Your Pets

You are not always around your pet, especially if you got work or school to do. Having two or more pets gives your existing beloved pet additional company. Multiple compatible pets can play together and entertain each other. Having someone to play with helps keep off separation anxiety and keeps your pet fully entertained during the time you are away from them. It also puts your mind at ease when you go out, knowing that they are happy. It is very important that your pets get along together otherwise you’ll just be worried what might happen if you leave them alone together.

3. Increased Socialization for Pets

It is very important that your pets socialize with one  another, especially if they are still kittens and puppies or other baby animals. Socializing is important for their growth in a way that they can develop confidence and can adapt and accept other companion animals. Socialization helps teach your pet interaction with other animals or other people and lessens anxiety while interacting.

4. More Friends for You

The more pets you have, the more time you’ll have to go out and interact with other people especially if you have lots of dogs. They need to be walked more often and taken out and people will notice you and your pets together. Having a chat with fellow pet owners walking their dogs can help you learn more about how you can improve taking care of your pets. Having multiple pets also creates more opportunities for trips to your pet groomer or other places where other pet lovers gather. With that you can talk and share all the fun experiences you have with your beloved pets to other people.

dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, pet care dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, pet care dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, pet care

5. Improved Mood and Good Health

A single pet provides some health benefits, and the more they are, the greater the effect. You’ll get a good exercise while walking your dogs, playing with dogs and cats, which helps promote good health in mind and body but especially makes you happy. Another benefit of sharing your home with your beloved pets is they help reduce stress from work or school or personal problems. They don’t know and understand our problems, but all they know is they love you and they are there for you all the time. Having them around you helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke. They also enhance your mood when you are feeling down.

6. Good for the Children

Having pets is great for children in so many ways. Studies show that children living in a home with many pets are less likely to develop allergic conditions. Kids living with multiple cats or dogs or both have reduced risk for hypersensitivities to allergens. These pets are not only good for their health, but to their development, too. With these pets around your kids, they teach them responsibility and encourage their emotional development. They also strengthen family bonds with you and their fellow brothers and sisters.

7. Protection and Security

This benefit is usually for people with dog owners, but there have been some cases for people who have pet cats as well. Dogs or cats, if you raise them well, in  return, they will love you and protect you. Having multiple dogs will make you feel secure. They not only help ward off some bad guys, but help warn you of some danger ahead. So, to take advantage of this perk, do not just buy a reliable dog cage and lock them in. Allow them to practice their natural instincts and protect their family.

With these benefits will you still consider getting multiple pets for you and your family? And for those who already have multiple pets living with them, share us some thoughts and benefits you got while living with your beloved pets.

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