Useful Tips on Living with Multiple Pets

multiple pets, pets, pet care

Having one pet is good, but sometimes one is not enough, especially if you are alone in your home. So if you believe that the more is merrier, we’ve got your back. Here are some tips on how to live with 2 or more pets at home.

multiple pets, pets, pet care

Provide multiple beds/cages/pet houses.

Pet beds is very important. Have several of them placed around your home so that your pets can have a place to nap. These beds can help make your sofa less tempting for your pets to nap to. If you have a big house, you can fit multiple cages for your birds or dog kennels for either your cats and dog.

Cover your furniture pieces.

It is also a good idea to cover your furniture pieces, especially your couch, so that in case your pet messes around, it is easier to clean up. If you have a car and you travel along with your pet, consider having some car seat covers as well.

multiple pets, pets, pet care

Rethink of buying expensive furnitures.

Instead of buying expensive furnitures, you might want to buy furnitures that are designed to last long and can endure the abuse with your pets around. Having multiple pets inside your house will increase the risk of damage for your furnitures. The last thing you don’t want to happen is going home with your new furnitures scratched and ruined.

Buy a vacuum cleaner.

Investing in a vacuum is a good idea, especially if you got some fluffy furry pets living with you. Cats and dogs leave fur around your house, particularly in your sofa where they may be tempted to nap. Having a vacuum will make your cleaning time stress-free and faster.

multiple pets, pets, pet care

Listen to music.

After hearing the vacuum, the dogs may become active and alert. One way to calm them down is by music. Our pets love music, too. It helps them relax and behave.

Store your food and pet foods in sealed containers.

Having different sealed containers for your foods and pet foods can make your pet’s feeding time faster and easier. Place labels on these containers to avoid confusion. No,w your kitchen or pantry is neat and organized. Thanks to this tip.

multiple pets, pets, pet care

Know the different feeding locations.

Avoid feeding your pets in the same room. Feed them in different areas, since cats and dogs can be very territorial during feeding time. Try feeding your pets together, but if you sense tension against each other, it is better to feed them on different locations to avoid creating a scene and accidents.

If you got a dog and a cat living together with you, it is also a good idea to keep the feeding place of your cat in high places. You don’t want your dog eating up your cat’s food. Feed your cat somewhere your dog can’t reach.

multiple pets, pets, pet care

Invest in a good quality pet toy container.

A toy basket is a great place to organize your pet’s toys. You can keep the rabbit chew toys inside this basket, while tug toys for dogs should be kept outside your house to avoid mini accidents inside. It is also important to keep squeaky toys inside your house or in a drawer at night to avoid disturbing your neighbors or yourself.

Encourage slow introductions.

We all want this thing to happen, living in your home with your pets living harmoniously without fighting. We want our pets to love each other and have those cute picture perfect moments with them. But this does not happen right away. Although it takes time, it is important to let them get to know each other slowly. This will also make them familiar with each other and be friends along the way.

Keep litter boxes away from dogs.

If you are living with your dog and cat, it is vital to keep your canine buddies away from cat litter boxes. You can place the litter box in a closet with a door only opened a few inches enough that your cats can slip through. You can also place it in another room that is only accessible to your cat.

Consider having a private room for cats.

When your dogs and cats don’t get along well, and you got an extra room, give it to your cats. Setup cat beds, cat scratching trees, and etc., so that your they can have their own private fun. If your cats and dogs do get along well, just install a cat door to that room so that they can sneak into that room as they please.

Be sure there is proper air circulation

If you can’t smell pet odors, then it doesn’t mean your family and friends can’t smell them are safe from them. Your nose might be used to your pet’s smell, but other people are not. It is your responsibility to wash your dog and cat’s bed cover, as well as your furniture covers. Opening the windows and having a fan also allows fresh air to circulate around the house and reduces the risk for heatstroke.

multiple pets, pets, pet care

Have a folder to safekeep your pet records.

Have a folder for your pet records like veterinary visits, licenses, adoption papers, microchip registration, and pet insurance policies in an easy accessible divider. You’ll be glad to have them ready just in case something happens.

Keep emergency information on hand.

This is very important just in case something really bad happened to your pets. Have these information ready and at easy access. Place 24 hour emergency vet clinic’s information and driving direction either in the fridge or on your phone for quick access.

If you take these tips into consideration, then you will not have any problems living with multiple pets. Just take my advice. Your pets will definitely be thankful in the long run.

Do you have any other tips to share? Let us know below!

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