9 Rabbit Toys You Can Make at Home

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Every pet enjoys playing, and your bunnies are no exceptions. Whether you believe it or not, they are even more playful than the typical cats and dogs. They like to run, jump, hop, and even play hide and seek in their rabbit hutches! They just want to challenge and entertain themselves. So, to keep them happy and active at all times, here are 9 rabbit toys you can make at home. With these suggestions, you’re sure your bunnies get to satisfy their needs!

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1. Burrow Box

Rabbits are natural diggers. So, even if they are held in captivity, they need to find ways to exercise their inborn instincts. For that, you can make a box for them to have an outlet to satisfy their urge to dig and burrow.

All you need to do is find a large box or a wicker basket. And then, fill it with hay. If hay is not available, you can shred some magazines instead. Fill it with clean and child-friendly sand. That’s it!

2. Tunnels

Since it is natural for rabbits to dig, why not create a dig tunnel for them? If you build an artificial tunnel for them, they’ll definitely like it.

To make, you have to buy a cardboard concrete tube. This is readily available in the hardware or building supply stores. If you can’t find any, use a wide cardboard box instead. Fill one end of the tube with crumpled magazine papers or newspapers. If you put your rabbits there, you will find them shredding and digging at the newspapers, making them feel as if they’re creating a tunnel in the wild.

3. A Scratching Surface

For bunnies that enjoy digging at the carpet, try using a grass mat instead. It should satisfy your pets’ urge to scratch, without having to cause damage in the floor.

Creating a scratching surface is easy. Simply lay out layers of fleece blankets on the floor and let your bunnies enjoy digging. They’ll be able to scratch at the blankets because the fibers of the cloth are short enough. If you can’t afford to use fleece blankets, lay out piles of old magazines instead. Just make sure they don’t eat the paper.

4. Rabbit Pinecones

Yes, you can give pine cones to your rabbits. Because they are untreated woods, they make excellent chew toys for rabbits. These furry creatures need to chew regularly to help wear their teeth down.

Pine cones can be obtained in the wild for free, but they can also be purchased in pet supply stores for a small price. If you decide to forage pine cones in the forage, be sure to put them in the oven for a bit to eliminate any stray bugs and pests.

5. Tree Branches

Again, rabbits love to chew on untreated wood. Knowing that, it is best to provide them with fresh tree branches. If there is an apple tree nearby, snap off several branches and let your bunnies chew them to his satisfaction.

6. Old Rabbit Toys

If you happen to know someone, who have outgrown any toy that is suitable for playful bunnies, better ask it from them. For instance, a plastic teething ring would make a wonderful chew toy for bunny. It should keep him chewing for hours.

Then again, be sure the toys do not have any small parts that could be easily swallowed. Those tiny parts could post a threat to your bunnies.

7. Unused Hand Towels

Unused hand towels can make excellent toys for bunnies, too! These pieces of cloths allow them to play around by tearing down its pieces as much as they like. Yet, do not ever leave your pets unattended when they’re shredding these towels. The fabric might make them sick or worse, cause bowel blockage.

8. Cardboard Tubes

Who knew cardboard tubes out like that from paper towels or toilet papers make excellent toys for rabbits? Because they are soft enough, they are easier to tear. But for a happier environment, stuff the tubes with shredded paper and hay. Then, stuff it with treats. Your pets will enjoy shredding and digging, and eventually reward themselves with something!

9. Old Phone Books

Do not throw away those old and unused phone books. Even if they’re no longer useful for you, your bunnies might just need them. They can play with them, as long as they’re under your supervision. Just make sure you keep an eye on them as they might eat the adhesives, which can upset their stomachs.

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There you go. These 9 rabbit toys are definitely easy to make. Plus, they don’t cost that much because you can make them out of the materials you have at home. Well, keeping your bunnies happy isn’t that difficult after all. As long as you let your creative juices flow, then all else follows. Enjoy making those toys!

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