8 Autumn Season Myths About Pet Dogs

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Does my pooch need to be treated for flea in the autumn months? Do I need to offer him a special dog food, designed for the fall? Are there foods I have to avoid to prevent upsetting his tummy?

Whether or not you are new to raising pet dogs, for sure, there are many different questions running in your mind right now, especially that the autumn season is just around the corner. But obviously, knowing what’s true and what’s not can be a lot of work. For that reason, we are answering all your questions to clear your minds.

Here are 8 of the most common myths and the truth about them. By knowing them, you can keep your canines happy and healthy during the fall season without having to face any issues.

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Myth #1: My dog is secure in the car because the upcoming months are cooler.

Whatever the season is, do not ever leave your pet dog inside the car unattended, even if there is a dog kennel. When it’s too cold, the temperature inside drops. On the other hand, if it’s too hot, the temperature inside rises. Having said that, it isn’t right to keep in cars that act like refrigerators.

Also, a canine left in a car is just too interesting. Based on reports, plenty of cars with dogs, become subject to dangers like theft. There have been many stories about dogs that have gone missing along with stolen cars. Therefore, do not ever think that leaving them in the car for five minutes is okay.

Myth #2: During the autumn season, fleas and ticks will go away themselves.

Even if it’s cold, fleas and ticks won’t go away themselves. These pesky parasites only hide beneath piles of leaves and garbage, so always move with utmost care. Because fleas might not be able to survive in extremely low temperatures, they find shelter indoors. That is where your pet dogs come in. The body of your pooches is warm, which means fleas and ticks could get attracted to them.

Myth #3: The paws of a dog can protect itself from the harsh elements of weather.

A dog’s paw has fatty tissues that do not freeze in the cold weather, hence protecting him from cutting, scraping, and scuffing. However, there are possibilities that “snowballing” can happen in the most delicate areas, such as in between the pads and toes. To prevent that, protective booties might just be what you need.

Myth #4: A humidifier might help, but it doesn’t do any good for pets.

Dry air will only cause various complications, such as itchiness, upper respiratory problems, dry throats, and noises, but with a humidifier, dry air doesn’t stand a chance. That is why a humidifier is highly recommended. If uncertain, consider talking to the vet. He can give you recommendations, such as supplements that will keep your pet’s skin nourished and moisturized.

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Myth #5: You don’t need to clean your dog’s teeth during the fall season.

According to experts, about 80% of dogs suffer from oral diseases at a very young age. That means if you fail to attend to your dog’s teeth, complications may happen. And nobody wants that.

As a responsible dog owner, you have to brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Twice a day works best. If you do it only in the hot summer days, tartar might build up. Also, consider using an appropriate toothpaste for dogs because they do not know how to spit.

Myth #6: You can keep your dog’s food anywhere you want as long as it is stored properly.

Make it a habit to check the dog food storage. You don’t want your furry pal to eat stale food. So, when storing dog food, here are some things you need to know.

  1. When buying wet or dry dog food, always the best before seal to ensure freshness.
  2. Dry dog food must be kept in durable plastic containers with a lid. And then, be sure the containers are sealed properly.
  3. For wet dog foods that are stored in cans, store them in a cool, dry place.

Myth #7: It is best for dogs to gain extra pounds to keep themselves warm.

Each dog is unique and not all of them should gain weight to keep themselves warm. If a dog is obese, he becomes prone to diabetes, cancers, and heart disease. Even if it’s autumn, canines should stay active by taking afternoon walks and playing indoor games.

Myth #8: It is safe to feed pumpkin pie to my pooch when he has an upset stomach.

It is safe to feed canned pumpkin to dogs that are suffering from upset stomach, but do not ever give them the raw spicy pumpkin pie filling. Chances are they might let out a soft or loose stool. For added fiber, feeding a tablespoon of canned pumpkin is okay.

So, what are your plans to keep your pet dogs safe for the autumn season? Whatever you’re thinking, we know it’s for the best.

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